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Project management is the art of organizing all the activities, resources and teams necessary for projects to run smoothly with the aim of obtaining a specific, value-added outcomes. The project manager is an impactful leader and a catalyst for talent.

A rapidly growing profession across all industries, worldwide.

The business world is changing. Technological innovation, climate issues, policy and legislative reforms, and social requirements are creating new and complex problems. Leaders and managers in every industry need to reinvent their way of doing things.

Organizations are rebuilding their business models to become more agile in their practices and more creative in their culture. According to the 2020 Pulse of the Profession® survey, 53% of leaders confirm that they are turning towards a more reactive and adaptable model.

We are in the era of The Project Economy, where organizations structure their activities around project portfolios. This situation places the project manager at the centre of strategic decision making.   

Project management is a demanding career choice, but it is also exciting and rewarding, placing you at the heart of the action.   

We help professionals like you acquire the versatility, expertise, confidence and leadership skills they need to become actors of change.

Become a Project Management Professional.

Many roads can lead to project management. Typical specialties include finance, engineering, civil engineering, information technologies, event planning, the public sector, marketing, and new technologies.

This profession requires leadership, insight, rigour, professional and personal experience, and strong interpersonal skills.

Project management is first and foremost acquired in the field. We get there by accident, by accepting responsibilities that place us on this trajectory, or voluntarily, after turning to the field thanks to training or a change in position.

Having a recognized certification is essential to advance in the field. Since project management involves high-level decision making, today companies are looking for professionals with formal training.

Get certified!

The PMP® certification is the highest distinction in the field of project management.  If you are starting out in your career, the CAPM® certification is evidence of a serious interest and will naturally lead you towards the PMP® designation.

Recognized worldwide, the PMP® certification is a measure of professionalism and credibility. This certification shows a high level of mastery and distinguishes your profile on the market and in your environment. It opens doors to the most important employers on the planet. On average, people with this credential earn 24% more than those who are not certified.  

It is possible to round out your profile with several specialized programs offered by PMI-Montréal (program management, portfolio management, risk management, etc.).


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