Communities of practice 

Fun, current, constructive, and original meetings through exchanges on best practices and innovative approaches in project management. Content decided collectively by the directors and participants.

Always free for members of PMI-Montreal. You can collect over 30+ PDUs annually by participating in community events. 


Communities of practice


Annual events


Projet Professionals

  • Aeronautics and air transport

    Created in 2015, this community is a hub for knowledge sharing in project management related to the ever-growing aeronautics and aviation industry.

    Montréal, internationally recognized for its leadership in this industry, brings together a high concentration of international organizations and major aircraft manufacturers. Get involved and benefit from a strong synergy between industry peers!

  • Planning and construction

    The community of practice in planning and construction fosters a culture of continuous learning through original programming relevant to the participants’ practice.   


    Discover speakers who will fuel your thinking by sharing their expertise, vision and talent as well as their teams’ accomplishments. A community that shares achievements, experiences and lessons learned that will without a doubt help you hone your management skills and instincts. Participate and broaden your expertise!

  • ExcELLE

    ExcELLE caters to professional women who would like to enhance their professional development and contribute to expanding the role of women in this profession.  The activities organized aim to encourage networking and develop skills in project management, including negotiation, communications, leadership, career advancement, and organizational politics.

    A host of activities are offered to participants with passionate and engaged speakers who contribute to achieving equity in the field by constantly inspiring a growing number of women to choose project management. A unique forum to exchange ideas and share knowledge awaits!

  • Risk management

    The aim of the Risk management community is to provide information to participants about this field and equip them for success within the framework of their practice. It allows participants to discover the various tools and techniques at their disposal to improve this aspect of their management.  


    It also aims to make professionals in the field aware of the importance of involving all of a project’s stakeholders in risk management. What is being done in other sectors (IT, construction, the public sector, etc.) is also addressed. Get involved and sharpen your expertise!

  • Organizational management

    The Organizational management community is a forum for exchanging knowledge and ideas to collectively enrich practices on how to manage projects, people, and teams within companies.  


    Knowledge exchange is accomplished through various conferences given by experts or the demonstration of models or practical tools that can be applied in the workplace.  A collaborative space to expand your network and foster creativity and knowledge sharing.

  • Disciplined Agile

    This community of practice caters to anyone interested in the topic and seeks to promote the principles and agnostic approach of Disciplined Agile.


    Primarily focused on discussions of real-world cases and the sharing of specific knowledge, this community allows participants to develop their knowledge of this particular topic. Participate and broaden your expertise!

  • Change management

    This community brings together project managers from all walks of life. Whether they are new to the field or are experienced professionals, they share a common interest: people and change management.  


    Participants can attend conferences with world-class speakers on various topics, such as agile change, the psychology of change, and crisis management in change management.  Develop your knowledge with other professionals passionate about this topic!  


  • Planning and control

    The aim of this community is to establish a knowledge-exchange network between people interested in the planning and control aspect of project management.   


    Several activities are offered to participants through workshops and conferences on various topics, including portfolio management, WBS, the role of the PCO, quality assurance, DevOps, Agility, the power of words, and body language. This your space to learn and grow!   

  • Information Technology

    For more than 15 years, this community of practice has brought together project managers specializing in the IT sector. These dynamic meetings in roundtable format allow professionals to discuss a variety of topics and current trends in IT-related disciplines.

    Limited to 15 people, discussions promote the sharing of experiences and advice between peers. Participate and enrich your expertise!

Your volunteers responsible for communities of practice

A team of passionate volunteers who are committed to offering you relevant and topical conferences on the best of project management.

Adrian Armorer


Isabelle Bernier

Organizational Management

Elizabeth Bucci

Change Management

Sarah Cazavan


Philippe Combasson

Organizational Management

Daphnee Daniel

Change Management

Philippe Dessertenne


Mireille Dazy


Fatemeh Erfanian

Planning and Control

Sebastien Halil

Organizational Management

Jean Martel


Jean-Sebastien Neveu

Information Technology

Prisca Nkolo


Claude Palmarini


Nicolae Panaitescu

Planning and Control

Sonia Paquet


Chantal Paquin


Roxanne St-Louis


Nesrine Turki


Pierre-Alex Theodore


Monia Yousfi

Planning and Control