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The exams to obtain the various PMI designations cover a lot of material. To ensure your success, you need an efficient approach and action plan that will allow you to be as prepared as possible. Let us support you in your efforts.

The success rate of candidates who use our services is currently 100%.

Need some help navigating the changes to the PMP exam in 2021? PMI-Montreal offers a 7 hour web conference with 60 practice questions available below, in both French and English. 

2021 Update courses

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1: 2021 Update courses

Enhance your application.

Editing of your PMP® exam application

Your time is precious and you want to ensure the application process goes smoothly. Highlight the relevance of your application to the exam and make sure you meet all the necessary prerequisites.

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Organize your studying

Preparation study course for the PMP® exam (online)

The exam to obtain the PMP® or CAPM® certification is difficult, and it is important to properly study to get a firm grasp of PMI concepts. The key to success is preparation.

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Mentoring for job interviews

Project Management job interview preparation

Do you have an upcoming interview for a Project Management role and would like some feedback and an opportunity to practice ? Our volunteer-experts in project management have experience in the hiring of project teams and can offer you tips and insight into the types of questions to expect and how to increase your chances of success.

Job interview coaching

A modern interactive classroom

Training room rental

PMI-Montréal courses are held in a bright, comfortable and professional room located in downtown Montréal. This interactive space, which can accommodate more than 50 people, is also available to rent.

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