Process and costs : Becoming certified PMP®

Membership costs: PMI Global membership costs 129$USD (+10$USD first time administration fee) and 30$USD for the PMI-Montréal membership.

Costs for the courses: 1 210$CAN for members | 1 450$CAN for non-members

  • Once you have finished your course, PMI-Montréal will provide you with an attestation and you may complete and send your application to PMI. 
  • Within 10 working days, PMI will send you an eligibility ID number, at this point you can pay for and schedule your exam in a local Pearson Vue centre.

Costs of the exam: 405$USD for members | 555$USD for non-members

  • A certain percentage of applicants will be audited. Once you are informed that you have been selected for an audit, you will be required to mail application supporting documents to PMI.
  • The wait time for a exam is between 2 and 6 weeks. 


PMP® Certification Program - Amount spent


Members: 2 050 $ CAN approx. 

169 $USD  plus taxes : membership

1 210 $CAD : course

PMBOK: available free online

405$ USD : exam

Non-Members : 2 420 $ CAN approx.

1 450 $CAD : course

PMBOK : 100 $USD  plus taxes

555 $USD : exam


TIME SPENT : Between 6-12 weeks

  • 35 hours of formal project management training/preparation course
  • 40 - 60 hours of recommended study time
  • 2 to 6 weeks to get a place for the exam


The procedures for other certifications are similar, however costs for the preparation courses and exam may vary. View the list of certification requirements here https://www.pmimontreal.org/en/certifications or contact us for more information https://www.pmimontreal.org/en/contact