Project Management Bullying: Warning Signs

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Bullying Workshop

The statistics are irrefutable – workplace bullying is costing businesses billions of dollars annually. Project Management is a bullying-prone profession thanks to its results-oriented focus. Project bullying has direct negative repercussions on projects, project managers and teams. It can be as harmful to business profits, project success and workplace harmony as it is in schools and other areas of society. 

It is important for a project manager to be able to identify such a behavior: warning signs and how to raise the flag.

Fortunately, there are many measures that organizations, PMPs and leaders can take to prevent, manage and eliminate bullying. The presentation provides anti-bullying action plans to prevent and deal with bullying. Attendees will have tools and tips for inspiring organizational change and managing bullies in their workplaces.

Join Paul Pelletier, a respected workplace bullying author, corporate lawyer, project manager, international public speaker, and business executive in an interactive workshop. Come and learn what you can do as PMPs to mitigate the project, team, legal, financial and operational risks caused by project bullies.





In the broadest sense, this workshop will enable participants to understand what project management and workplace bullying is and how it impacts people, projects, work culture, and organizational success. More specifically, it will enable participants to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of workplace bullying and distinguish it from normal workplace interaction.
  • Recognize and identify typical bullying and understand the motivation behind the behaviour.

Speaker : Paul Pelletier LL.B., PMP is a corporate lawyer, project manager, international public speaker, and business executive with over 25 years experience in senior roles in government and industry. A pioneer in the legal profession, Paul fused his law career with project management and has over 15 years in senior management, leading transformational projects and teams.  A recognized leader in the project management profession, Paul also serves on the Project Management Institute’s Ethics Member Advisory Group.

During his career, on more than one occasion, Paul realized he was the target of disrespectful workplace behaviour and workplace bullying. Bullying can be as harmful at work as it is in schools and other areas of society. Paul knows this from personal experience. He suffered in silence until his health forced him to take a different approach. He will share his story and how it led to the work he does today.

Leveraging his bullying experiences, Paul established his consulting business with the goal of raising awareness. He is now an advocate, consultant and expert in strategic bullying and disrespectful workplace behaviour management, workplace respect and bullying, and diversity training. Helping organizations establish strategic policies, programs, and processes for openly, fairly, and effectively addressing disrespectful workplace behaviour is his focus. He is a regular presenter at global PM conferences and other events. He is also a published author in the field of respectful workplace behaviour. Finally, he is PMI’s only blogger on Workplace Respect and Bullying and a regular contributor on PMI’s website.

It is not possible to register to this event anymore.

Project Management Bullying: Warning Signs

Type of activity : Special conferences / workshops
Date : 25 february 2016
Time : 8:30 to 17:00
PMI-Montreal members$ 250.00
Non members$ 299.00
It is not possible to register to this event anymore.