Project Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP®)

Internationally recognized, the PMI-SP® certification demonstrates proven experience in a key area of project management: schedule management, planning, and tool and resource management, three essential aspects for project control officers (PCO).

Master of time.

Project management is not merely using tools and technologies to create a schedule of deliverables. In the digital age and with increased staff mobility, coordinating tasks and schedules is at the heart of the successful management of activities, resources and stakeholders.

The PMI-SP® certification is evidence of key schedule management skills in an increasingly globalized, virtual and complex environment.

Why get the PMI-SP® certification?

If you would like to highlight your superior ability to efficiently manage schedules and meet deliverables, the PMI-SP® certification is an excellent choice that will bring you attention.


The PMI-SP® certification is designed for professionals who want to become experts in schedule management.

To be eligible for the exam, you must meet one of the two following requirements:

1. Four-year degree (bachelor’s or global equivalent), at least 3,500 hours of experience in schedule management, and 30 hours of formal schedule management training.

2. High school diploma (DES or global equivalent), at least 5,000 hours of experience in schedule management, and 30 hours of formal schedule management training.

The exam is held at a Pearson Vue centre in your area.

The cost of the exam is US$520 for members and US$670 for non-members.

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Am I eligible?

To confirm your eligibility for the exam, you must submit an application detailing your professional experience in project management. Visit the PMI Global information page for more details.

Maintaining your certification.

People with this designation must accumulate 30 professional development units (PDUs) in the specialized field of schedule management every three years in order to maintain their credential. It is not mandatory to be a member of PMI Global or PMI-Montréal to do so. Consult the video on professional development units or the PMI-SP® handbook for more details.

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