Participating in the Project Management Community



Élixir Contest recognizes the best in project management in Quebec across all industries. From project initiation to closure, each step must be successfully undertaken and completed according to best practices. PMI-Montréal promotes individual and collective excellence in project management in Quebec, through the Élixir Contest.


Project Management Professional


This category underlines the success of project managers with +8 years of experience, who shine in their organization. These professionals distinguish themselves by their leadership and dedication to their team. PMI-Montréal recognizes their experienced professional abilities in project management.


Emerging Project Management Professional


This category recognizes the success of project managers with 3-8 years of experience in project management. These managers distinguish themselves by their professionalism and are perceived as future leaders in their team. PMI-Montréal recognizes the talent of these up and coming project managers.


Outstanding Projects


While project management includes many steps, this category underlines the success in a specific aspect of project management. This element should be executed in a remarkable fashion, and in accordance with best practices. Many aspects of a project can be rewarded in this category. PMI-Montréal recognizes success of a specific aspect of a project realized by project management professionals.


Project of the Year


To be named Project of the Year, a project must distinguish itself by applying exemplary project management practices, from initiation through to closure. The winning team is invited to submit its project to the prestigious international Project of the Year’s contest of global PMI®


This contest constitutes a pivotal role of development for project management professionals, and above all an outreach within the larger business community.   


For further information, please visit Élixir Contest’s website (FR).





Since its first edition in 2010, PMI-Montréal’s symposium has become the ‘must attend’ gathering for project management professionals. The conference is open to all business owners and managers who wish to understand the added-value project management professionals bring to organizations. It is also intended for those wanting to improve their strategic understanding of current project management issues.


PMI-Montréal’s symposium in project management is more than an event. It is a two-day celebration reuniting hundreds of project management professionals, to share knowledge, reinforce the community, and direct the evolution of the profession.  


For further information, please visit Symposium’s website.





Networking events represent excellent opportunities; they take place several times a year, and under different forms.


As new members of the PMI-Montréal, please, seize those opportunities to exchange with professionals in project management from different industries, in a relaxed environment.


Please, consult the calendar of networking activities of the PMI-Montréal, and be on the lookout for the next events.



“RDV Carrière” is the only specialized career fair for project management professionals. What makes it unique? The event is organized annually, in collaboration with students from ESG UQAM Master’s Programs in Project Management (MPM). An array of services for job seekers (or for those with curious minds) are offered during that day: CV revision, coach bar, mentor bar, conferences, professional photo taking, in addition to the participation of employers actively looking for candidates.


For further information, please visit RDV Carrière’s website.




The workshop entitled Le chemin du succès personnel… Le parcours de l’immigrant (or The journey of personal success… The path of an immigrant) is an interactive activity helping professionals who have recently arrived in Canada, to find their way through the challenges of the immigration process. Already in its third year, this workshop is delivered two to three times a year. It is an excellent opportunity to interact with people in a similar situation, learn from the exchange of experiences between participants and the facilitator, and earn 3 PDUs (for certified professionals).


PMI-Montréal organizes monthly PMI morning conferences and PMI corporate evenings, which are informal exchange and discussion places, about various subjects related to project management.


Scheduled at breakfast or dinner, these events are led by experts in project management, and they give the opportunity to deepen discussions about various subjects. You will have the opportunity to ask experts your questions, to equip yourselves for your career, and to obtain PDUs at the same time.


Here are some subjects already discussed:

  • S’outiller pour développer son savoir-être (or Tools to develop your soft skills);
  • Why so many technology projects fail;
  • La gestion de projet centrée sur l’utilisateur (or User-centered project management).


Are you not able to travel? These events are also broadcast online (live or on-demand).


Please visit PMI-Montréal’s activities’ page to learn more about the upcoming subjects.


Journée de la recherche is an event organized as an interactive workshop, taking place each fall season.


Journée de la recherche encourages researchers and practitioners to interact on a given subject. This is inspired from the ROWS (Research Open Working Session) which takes place during global PMI’s annual symposium. ESG UQAM’s chair of the project management collaborated on the first three editions:

  • 2016: Profit management.
  • 2017: Capacity management (in collaboration with Polytechnique Montréal’s Jarislowsky/SNC-Lavalin research chair in international project management).
  • 2018: Organizational agility.


This event facilitates the synergies between the academic and practitioners’ environments by participative workshops approach.


The PMP Pub Quiz Night® is organized two to three times a year and targets students who have finished their training classes for the PMP® certification and need to review before the exam. It’s a fun party with a DJ, nachos, and draft beer, just like in a real pub; but do not be fooled because the competition is fierce, and the questions are tough.





PMI-Montréal offers training sessions in line with the eligibility criteria for the PMP®, CAPM®, PMI-ACP®, PMI-RMP®, PMI-SP®, PMI-PBA® and PfMP® certifications. Sessions are planned to help you quickly and easily prepare for all of the subjects evaluated during the exams.


For further information about trainings offered by PMI-Montréal, please visit our Training section.


For further information about PMI certifications, please visit our Certifications section.




Centered on the confidential exchange of information, and built around mentee’s objectives, mentoring brings new perspectives and allows for broader perceptions. Mentees benefit from their mentor’s experience in a structured and enriching way.


Innovative and adapted to PMI-Montréal members’ needs, mentorship program has evolved over the years and now includes specific programs targeting interns, young professionals, and newcomers. The coaching and the support from mentoring committee allows both, mentor and mentee, to build a privileged relationship based on realistic expectations that match the mandate agreed by them.


PMI-Montréal offers three mentorship programs:


  1. The professional mentorship program targets project management professionals with at least 5 years of experience;
  2. The academic mentorship program targets students in project management who must undertake an internship;
  3. The newcomer’s mentorship program targets project management professionals who have just arrived in Quebec.


The mentoring program allows you to accelerate your professional evolution, and to quickly improve professional and interpersonal skills. If you are concerned with polishing your skills, the mentoring relationship can provide the advice, the listening and the support necessary for your career development.


PMI-Montréal supports the mentoring program with follow-ups and reference documents about relevant subjects to the evolving mentoring relationship. Meetings are also organized to discuss participants’ respective experiences, and to contribute to the continuous improvement of the program.

For further information, please visit PMI-Montréal’s Mentorship Program page.




Communities of practice offered by PMI-Montréal are opportunities for both exchanging and learning. Entirely managed by volunteers, they allow members to meet, share discoveries, and build professional relationships.


The community decides the content collectively, and each member’s involvement makes meetings fun, constructive and original. The content is built around discussions and sharing of best practices and innovative approaches in project management, the participation of speakers, workshops, case studies, presentations of research results or new tools, and the sharing of lessons learned and their benefits.


All the events organized by our communities of practice are listed in PMI-Montréal’s website calendar. Choose the ones most in line with your interests and make them YOUR communities of practice!


“The communities of practice of PMI-Montréal are a good opportunity to shine and have a better grasp of the challenges linked to project management in Quebec. Get involved! Be part of one or more communities of practice according to your field of interest.” (Agnès Bédard)





Montreal, world renowned for its aviation industry, distinguishes itself by the quality of its workforce, the research and development (R&D) activities within the industry, an important concentration of international organizations and large aeronautical manufacturers, and above all, a vast pool of professionals.


This community, created in 2015, is a place of knowledge sharing for an industry in constant evolution. The sharing of knowledge, the exchange of best practices, and the synergy between participants from diverse sectors (manufacturing, flight simulators, engineering, aerial operations…) give rise to presentations and discussions about many and passionate subjects: technical requirements management in quality assurance, location and tracking of a commercial aircraft, and change management in implementing a manufacturing management system.




Due to a dynamic and creative team, this community offers a multitude of discussion activities in the form of conferences about the construction field. Participation of members has been increasingly impressive at each activity.




Started in 2004, this community organizes events and hands-on workshops about organizational project management. Sharing common interests as well as networking allow the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge about organizational project management.


Identifying, sharing and disseminating best practices in organizational project management are the core of our objectives, as well as gathering and maintaining knowledge so it can be disseminated and put in practice. This community of practice is an important reference, a forum to facilitate the exchange of ideas, and a meeting place for practitioners.




The Association des planificateurs de projet (or Association of Project Planners) has been collaborating with PMI-Montréal in projects’ planning and controlling since 2007. It is a gathering of professionals who discuss their daily work, as well as tools that could increase the knowledge in project planning.


Since September 2012, under the direction of a dynamic team, about twenty activities have taken place: workshops and conferences dealing with various subjects such as earned value, portfolio management, WBS, the PCO role, as well as broader subjects, such as document management, quality assurance, or body language.




PMI-Montréal’s IT breakfast round table was inspired by a similar activity started by the PMI Silicon Valley in the 90s. Initially proposed to PMI-Montréal in 2006, this community has grown since then. The IT breakfast round table is built on active member discussion and not on presentations.


The community gives participants the opportunity to share challenges, to take advantage of peers’ advice, to improve the quality and relevance of your dealings in the work environment. It is also an opportunity to discuss new concepts or trends within our profession. Some of us are more experienced in these new concepts, and gladly share that experience with other participants. Finally, it is an unmatched networking opportunity by its form, its frequency, and the depth of the ties created over the years, given a third of the participants are regular participants. This still gives plenty of opportunities for the involvement of all participants.




Since 2013, the goal of this community has been to make risk management more accessible, to de-mystify its use (understanding, using, simplifying, and adapting to reality), and to demonstrate its value in project management.


Since its creation, this community has engaged its members by organizing interactive activities to exchange everybody’s knowledge. Far from being traditional in their approach, the team offers workshops that appeal to every one of the participants' senses (listening, speaking, touching, etc.).




Started in 2014, this community promotes professional women in project management. The activities allow networking and learning to help women stand out in the work environment, by highlighting their skills through self-promotion.


It is a meeting opportunity specific to women, allowing them to discuss the challenges of women in project management, and offering trainings geared towards relational skills, such as negotiation, promotion, leadership, political acumen, etc.




Created in 2012, Mauricie Centre-du-Québec Network (RMCQ in French) has the goal of promoting and recognizing project management in that particular region. Assisted by PMI-Montréal, RMCQ proposes conferences, trainings, and networking activities about the different aspects of project management.


Always innovative in its approach and offering novel and relevant conferences, RMCQ brings together the different project management communities (engineering, construction, manufacturing, transport, information technology, etc.) in the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec regions, and facilitates discussions among them.




Would you like to find project management job opportunities in all fields in one location at once? Are you an employer wanting to take advantage of the PMI-Montréal’s job platform to look for qualified professionals for your projects?


PMI-Montréal has you covered. Through the publication of job opportunities on its website and its social media platforms, the organization facilitates contact between employers and PMI-Montréal members.


Please visit our Jobs page regularly to avoid missing an opportunity.




An appropriate way to get involved in the project management community in Montreal and Quebec is to volunteer in interesting projects. This will allow you to meet other professionals and share with them best practices, highlight your expertise, and allow you to develop new skills in collaboration and communication. Another advantage is the opportunity for certified professionals to accumulate PDUs.


PMI-Montréal regularly offers volunteering opportunities in project management to its members and has currently several ongoing projects.


For further information please visit this Guide’s section named “How to become a volunteer” or visit PMI-Montréal’s Volunteering section.


Another way to find volunteering opportunities is to go directly on the global PMI’s website.


For further information please visit its Volunteering section and register in PMI’s Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS).


Furthermore, PMI-Montréal has collaborated with Bénévoles d’affaires (or Business volunteers) association since 2015. And now, more than 160 members of our community have already registered as volunteers to share their experience with non-profit organizations.


For further information, please visit their Volunteering section (FR).




All events and professional trainings organized by the PMI-Montréal are now available online!


  • Live webcasts of preparation courses for PMP® and CAPM® certifications;
  • Live webcasts of preparation courses in specialized certificates PMI-ACP®, PMI-RMP®, PMI-SP®, PMI-PBA® and PfMP®;
  • Free webinars from the PMI-Montréal on (live);
  • Live and on-demand webcasts of PMI morning conferences;
  • Live and on-demand webcasts of PMI corporate evenings;
  • Live and on-demand web conferences from the Symposium;
  • Online coaching services


For more information about the online preparation coursesplease visit our Trainings section. All sessions are recorded live and can be viewed up to one week after their completion. The training handbook will be mailed to you.


For more information about the web conferences available online, please visit our Webconferences section.


For the innovative online coaching serviceplease visit Coaching Services section.


There are many online services available on the website: you can find online courses, podcasts, webinars, and more either free or for a small fee, that will allow you to deepen your knowledge in project management. For more information, please visit PMI’s Learning section.


The website, owned by global PMI, is also an important source of webinars. It allows you to connect with many professionals in the project management field, worldwide. For more information, please visit website.




“Our young professionals are the future pillars of our society. They will build and grow tomorrow’s Quebec through projects. Let’s give them the tools to face future challenges, in fields such as environment, energy, transportation, international relations and many more.” (Henry-Jean Bonnis, PMI-Montréal President)


PMI-Montréal recognizes the importance of those representing the future of project management in Quebec. It also supports them by offering targeted services to meet their needs.


Emerging Project Professional prize: As part of the Élixir Contest, this prize is issued to project managers – having between 3 to 8 experience years in project management – who are recognized within their organization and are seen by their peers as tomorrow’s leaders. For more information, please visit Élixir Contest’ website (FR).


PMI-Montréal’s scholarships: Issued to students pursuing a master’s degree, these scholarships are granted to highlight and reward excellent academic records and involvement.


Concours KGP: This interuniversity contest is the largest project management case competition in Eastern Canada. It is the perfect opportunity for participants to experience and discover this growing field. Using their knowledge and soft skills, participants are challenged to convince Montreal’s project management professionals with their ideas. For more information, please visit Concours KGP website.


PMI-Montreal Case Competition: In partnership with Concordia University's John Molson School of Business (JMSB), this competition gathers all academic and professional fields, to inspire and develop career growth, the creative case resolution and a sense of community. In this context, several teams – subjected to time and resource constraints – compete to solve a real case, using the theory and principles of project management. In the end, participants’ performance is judged on the quality, creativity and credibility of their solutions.


Prix de la Relève (or Future Professionals Prize): The goal of this prize is to highlight a student’s academic excellence, at the end of their graduate or post-graduate studies. Selection criteria include academic excellence and exceptional involvement in university or, community life, or participation in a special project.




PMI-Montréal is continuously developing new services to answer the needs of its members. Do you have an idea or free time to give? Do not hesitate to reach out the PMI-Montréal staff, as they are always seeking out ways to improve Member Services.


Exploring PMI-Montréal website will help you to discover everything that is available to you!

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