Coaching services

The support services offered by PMI-Montréal have a specific objective:

To facilitate the process of obtaining PMI certifications for project managers in Quebec.

We understand that the process is difficult and are attentive to the needs that our members have been expressing for several years. It is now possible to receive PMI certification support service for your certification process in two stages:

-          PMP/CAPM exam application review

-          PMP/CAPM exam online study support (coming up soon)

PMP/CAPM exam application review

Starting from


PMP/CAPM exam application review

The PMP certification exam application is difficult in several ways and one of them is the proper description of your work experience. This service aims to make this step in the process easier and includes the following:

-          Access to a writing guide;

-          A first professional revision of the text you have written;

-          A second and final revision of your text by a professional following any adjustments you have made after the first revision.

It is important to note that the PMP/CAPM exam application review service does not guarantee that your application for the exam will be successful.

It is also important to note that the final PMP/CAPM exam acceptance or refusal decision is not the responsibility of PMI-Montréal, but of PMI Global, and that PMI-Montréal is not in any way involved in this decision.