Sun Tzu and the Art Of War

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New format ! Evening conference in the new PMI-Montreal training room !

Sun Tzu and the Art Of War : Applied and Scalable Simplicity for Medium Sized Scrum – SCRUM GLOBAL GATHERING SHANGHAI SEPTEMBER 2015

The layout of this presentation is inspired from the table of contents of the Art of War by Sun Tzu.



  •  Laying Plans
  •  Waging War
  •  Attack by Stratagem
  •  Tactical Disposition
  •  Energy
  •  Weak Points and Strong
  •  Manoeuvering
  •  Variation in Tactics
  •  The Army on the March
  •  Terrain
  •  The Nine Situations
  •  The Attack by Fire
  •  The Use of Spies

The conference will address off-the-wall Scrum topics based on modern tendencies in the field. I will reveal a new law of mine, the law of 50 for risk management, a trick to build a team thru an unfamiliar lens, the use of a radiator for courage and openness, why should we quick start a project, Scrum practices by the US Supreme court, Cost of Delay, the differences and similarities among Coaching and Socratic questioning techniques, traceability for CMMI compliance, the more digital we become & the more we lose analog skills, how to restore cadence in a broken SCRUM with Kanban advice, Agile adoption throughout the world etc.

Speaker : Daniel Doiron, The Agile Agonist

MBA Annual Competition – Concordia University – 1989

PMI Montréal – February 2015

Phoenix Global Scrum Gathering – May 2015

LeanKanban University – Miami June 2015

Shanghai Global Scrum Gathering – September 2015 

17h30 -18h00 : registration| 18h00-18h30 : dinner and networking | 18h30-20h00 : conference   

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It is not possible to register to this event anymore.

Sun Tzu and the Art Of War

Type of activity : PMI conferences - Corporate evening conferences
Date : 22 october 2015
Time : 17:30 to 20:00
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It is not possible to register to this event anymore.