Giving Back to the Community

We are always learning – whether by working, by studying or through PMI-Montréal’s webinars and conferences – and we are enabled to do this because people share their knowledge and their experiences with us.


Have you ever thought of sharing your knowledge with and contributing to the project management community? Here are a few tips to help you get started:




To become a volunteer with PMI-Montréal, be on the lookout for opportunities shared by email to registered members through the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS), global PMI’s official tool to select volunteers. Sign up here .


At any PMI-Montréal event, you can also tell any staff members or the attending volunteers about your interest in helping out with current or future activities.


Would you like to challenge yourself with a volunteering term? You will need to meet certain criteria:

  • Availability: Being available during the whole term, virtually or in person;
  • Commitment: Understanding your mandate, actively participating and respecting the commitment that you have made;
  • Mutual Respect: Respecting the roles and responsibilities of each volunteer, supplier, staff or board member, committee or project team member. You could be assigned as project manager, expert guest, as well as an occasional or hands-on volunteer.


Finally, please keep in mind that volunteering with PMI-Montréal represents a golden opportunity to make yourself known within the larger network of project management professionals in Quebec, and to distinguish yourself by the quality of your involvement.





Are you a project management professional with a rich experience in a specialized field? Have you experienced unique professional situations you would like to share with your community? Do you master a topic of interest or a trendy theme? Being a lecturer allows you to actively participate in the larger project management community in Quebec.


PMI-Montréal organises different lecture series, including:


To suggest a conference during PMI morning conferences and PMI corporate evenings, please fill in this online form with your conference details. For all other events, stay tuned by registering to PMI-Montréal’s newsletter.




A high value-added activity in project management are conferences, and as such, the lecture must meet certain requirements of style and substance.


The conference must be related to at least one of the PMI Talent Triangle® skills category:

  • Technical project management;
  • Leadership;
  • Strategic and business management.


It must also:

  • Respect the allotted time;
  • Be interactive;
  • Be available for a live and virtual presentation (live and on demand).


The conference must also have interesting supporting materials and follow presentations’ best practices.


A piece of advice: do not underestimate your audience. Conference participants are experienced, and they are always looking for ways to further advance their professional development.




Following good governance practices, PMI-Montréal is led by a Board of Directors. The board is comprised of ten members of the association democratically elected as administrators, by an online vote held annually. Each board member is elected for a two-year term.


All members of PMI-Montréal, whose experience is relevant for a director's role and who wish to contribute to the association’s development and to Quebec’s project management community, are highly encouraged to apply.


“My two-year term on PMI-Montréal’s Board of Directors has been a major enrichment, in experience and in collegiality: they were a nice, motivated and innovative team, always looking for constant growth!” (Loreto Navarrete)


The call for applications is sent by email and, to be admissible, the candidate must satisfy the following conditions:

  • PMI membership must be valid at least 90 days before the opening date of the online vote
  • The application must be supported by at least one other PMI-Montréal member ( who must be not only a PMI member, but also a PMI-Montréal member);
  • Not be subjected to any legal incapacity.


To learn more about the current members, please visit the Board of Directors section.







Élixir Contest is organized annually by PMI-Montréal. Its aim is to highlight individual and collective success in project management in Quebec.


The juror’s principal role is to select the finalists based on the selection criteria and to select or recommend winners in the following categories:

  • Project Management Professional;
  • Emerging Project Management Professional;
  • Outstanding Projects;
  • Project of the Year.


The call for potential jurors is made via PMI-Montréal’s newsletter and various social media accounts.


To be eligible you must:

  • Have relevant experience and competence;
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in a project management related role;
  • Have a PMI recognized certification in project management (an asset);
  • Work daily in project management;
  • Be bilingual.


If you are selected, you will be asked to:

  • Sign a confidentiality agreement;
  • Sign the judge’s agreement;
  • Respect the contest rules;
  • Be available during deliberations and awards ceremony;
  • Read the judge’s guide.


For more information about the competition, please visit Élixir Contest’ website (FR).




Concours KGP is an interuniversity case resolution contest – the largest in project management in Eastern Canada – that allows participants to put basic or advanced notions of project management into action to receive constructive feedback on their propositions, from experienced project management professionals.


It takes place annually in November. The call for jurors is made via PMI-Montréal’s newsletter between June and August.


To be eligible you must:

  • Have relevant skills and experience;
  • Have at least 5 years’ experience in a project management related role;
  • Have a PMI recognized certification in project management (an asset);
  • Work daily in project management;
  • Be bilingual.


If you are selected, you will be asked to:

  • Sign a confidentiality agreement;
  • Sign the judge’s agreement;
  • Respect the contest rules;
  • Be available the day of the event;
  • Read the judge’s guide;
  • Listen to the presentations and participate in the deliberations.


For more information about the competition, please visit Concours KGP website.




In partnership with Concordia University's John Molson School of Business (JMSB), this competition brings together academic and professional environments to inspire and develop career growth, creative case resolution and sense of community. In this context, several teams - subjected to time and resources constraints - compete to solve a real case, using project management’s theory and principles.


On one side, the teams have to propose creative, credible and quality solutions. On the other side, jurors are PMI-Montréal’s ambassadors and are bringing their professionalism, their expertise and their business knowledge, to encourage students to develop their passion for project management.


Candidates to the jury must:

  • Have at least 5 years of experience in project management;
  • Have prior experience as a juror in other case contests (an asset);
  • Show their critical thinking abilities;
  • Be bilingual;
  • Be available the day of the event.


The call for applications is announced via PMI-Montréal’s newsletter and on its social media accounts. Stay tuned.





Company visits are educational in nature and allow PMI-Montréal members:

  • Better understanding of the business environment in Quebec;
  • Better understanding of Quebec companies’ culture and their specific ways of working;
  • Inquiring about new technologies.


For the firms themselves, guided tours can be excellent communication and marketing tools with the public, allowing them to:

  • Develop a social image among project management professionals;
  • Share their challenges and how they manage to overcome them;
  • Present their innovative products and current projects;
  • Undertake useful discussions with the participants about issues faced or interesting subjects.


If you would like to organize a guided tour within your company, please contact PMI-Montréal staff and send them the following information:

  • The program: date, length (average of 1.5 to 2 hours);
  • How many people permitted in a group: ideally, smaller groups to allow the participants to hear the guide’s explanation;
  • The contact persons whom the visitors will meet with and topics for discussion. For example, meeting with the PMO director in the company, who will share information about current projects and the local ways of working on them (Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid, etc.) and the management tools that are frequently used on the projects;
  • Places, workshops and offices to visit.


If you want to participate in guided tours, please follow PMI-Montréal’s event calendar to know the exact dates for these visits and to register to them. Places are always limited!





Hiring an intern in project management contributes to the future of the industry, while meeting the real needs of the company. It is also a proven recruitment approach!



Students from the ESG UQAM Cooperative Master’s Programme in Project Management have two compulsory internships within the program. These interns are recognized for their know-how, their involvement and their motivation. Annually, about 60 students are made available to support you in the execution your projects.


Here is a sample list of tasks students can perform:

  • Support a project manager in his/her functions;
  • Act as a PCO, carrying out the follow-up and the control on different phases of the projects;
  • Support a project office: developing, improving and optimising tools and project templates;
  • Develop training material and broadcast them, as well as provide coaching;
  • Manage one or more projects;
  • Manage projects in Agile mode;
  • And much more…


The master’s degree in project management is multidisciplinary and welcomes students from different bachelor’s degrees: business administration, communication, information technology, engineering, etc. The academic training allows students to develop knowledge and competence, while sharpening their understanding of political, human and organizational aspects of projects.


Interns are available during fall, winter and summer sessions. To post an internship offer, please fill in this ESG UQAM online form (FR).


You can fund a student’s hiring, to obtain a tax credit or if you are admissible to receive a subsidy. For more information, please visit this ESG UQAM website (FR).


For all questions about master’s degree internships, please contact Maryse Gendron, lecturer.





 “Within an hour, we have already received applications.” (TECSYS) (ALTEN Canada)


“10 candidates in less than 24 hours.” (ISSAC Instruments)


PMI-Montréal allows you to present job openings to a large pool of project management professionals in Quebec.


Posting your job openings with PMI-Montréal is a great way of contacting the skilled and experienced project managers you are seeking.


To post job openings on various PMI-Montréal social media accounts and website, please contact Dominic Desjardins, account manager in CPS Media (, 450 227-8414, extension 309, 866 227-8414).

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