ANNULÉ - Workshop - Delivering is not enough : Scoping project for sustainable change!

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  • Develop your leadership and mobilize your full potential for innovation within your company through interpersonal skills!
  • Understand how to align business outcomes, benefits, business case, the Change Management plan and the project charter.
  • Understand the components of the Change Management Plan.



Projects fail before they start, and they end before they succeed.

Have you ever delivered your project on time, on budget and to the requirements listed in writing only to learn that, two years later, the project deliverable is shelved because no one used it?

Projects bring about change in organizations – in structure, processes, tools and, inevitably, behaviour. Successful projects enable business outcomes, and business outcomes can only be realized with sustained and lasting organizational change. As project managers, we must understand that delivering our scope is not enough: we need to deliver lasting and sustained organizational change and transformation.

And sustained organizational change can only be achieved by planning for it…even before we start the project. No longer can “organization change management” be addressed as an afterthought, if at all, just before we close out the project.

In other words: our project charters must be built around the plan to sustain the change and not the other way around.

Using case studies taken from the workshop instructor’s own experience, this highly interactive workshop will help project managers to understand how to write project charters with sustainable organizational change “baked in” even before starting the project, as a first step to delivering transformation and organizational change.





Elisabeth Bucci is bilingual program and project manager with a 32year track record of successfully delivering complex multi-project programs and portfolios for IT and business in various industries, and for both large and small companies. She currently offers her project management consulting services through her own company, Projissima inc, specializing in strategic transformation programs and implementation of portfolio management and benefits management frameworks. She is an accredited trainer in business relationship management, change management and PRINCE2 and possesses Managing Benefits, Managing Successful Programs and ITIL certifications.



PMI-Montreal is the local chapter of the Project Management Institute. Together, we advance careers, improve organizational success, and enhance the trades of project management professionals with our globally recognized standards, certifications, tools, publications, and networking opportunities. We are at the heart of the project management industry and at the forefront of its growth in Quebec in all business sectors.

Do you work on projects and want to increase your caliber in project management and increase the level of capacity of your teams in your organization? Do you want to become better, both from a technical point of view and for your social and relational skills? Define your communication skills further and achieve professional results?




Workshop schedule

9 h 00 to 12 h 00

  • Brief overview of Change Management theory and best practices required for the case study
  • Case Study
  • Start at the end: business outcomes and business drivers
  • Identify the change: know where you are, where you need to be and the mountain that needs to be scaled
  • Getting over the mountain: building the Change Wheel and the lever
  • The WBS Plus: defining project deliverables around the plan to sustain

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Hope to see you all there!


L'équipe du PMI-Montréal


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ANNULÉ - Workshop - Delivering is not enough : Scoping project for sustainable change!

Type d'activité : Propulsion-Projets
Date : 26 mars 2020
Heure : 9:00 à 12:00
Prix PMI-Montréal : 95,00 $
Prix non-membre : 120,00 $
Prix membre étudiant : 60,00 $
Il n'est pas possible de s'inscrire pour cet événement