The Promoter: The role maximizing your impact

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What is a Change-Promoter?

Based on the O`Neal model (2007), I will be sharing the Change-Promotor cycle that includes the following topics:

  • What is a Change-Promoter?
  • Idea and proposal generation and how to implement and sustain them
  • Promotion and Sponsor engagement
  • Attaining buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Becoming a Change Agent 
  • Implementation
  • Change targets and cycle ending /continuous improvement activities
  • Influencing techniques

My presentation will be framed from the context of a very successful Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. An idea that was generated and implemented within Bombardier then adopted and now spearheaded by Aero Montréal. The initiative titled The Passion for Flight program has an objective to inspire and influence Quebec elementary and secondary students to pursue studies and ultimately a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Today the Passion for Flight program is impacting a large numbers of Quebec students. Links

Speaker: Marlene Sapene, B.A.A., Master Human Systems Interventions Director, People Change Management – Product Life Cycle – Engineering at Bombardier

Ms. Sapene holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Human Systems Intervention at Concordia University as well as a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from the Toronto University and a certification as a APGM CM Global Facilitator. She posses over 25 years of experience in the Project Management and in the Change Management field. She specialized in strategic analysis, business redesign, processes and system implementation. As the Director of the People Change Management – Product Life Cycle – Engineering at Bombardier, Ms. Sapene leads teams at the forefront of innovation in international, multicultural and complex business transformation projects. In partnership with Aero Montreal, she led the conceptualization, design and deployment of the `Passion for Flight` program aiming to inspire youth towards science and technology. The program is currently deployed in different countries around the world. Currently she is leading the people aspect of a mayor transformation initiative in Knowledge Management – the SharePoint implementation across Bombardier. She is a frequent speaker at global and local change management conferences, including PMI, HEC, McGill, IT Chapter Montreal, Alia and others. Merling teaches Change Management at McGill University – Extended Adult Education - Project Management Program. Board Member of HPTC, Health and Hope, and Iscola

Déroulement :

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8 h 00 : Début de la conférence

9 h 30 : Fin de la conférence et fin de l'événement

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The Promoter: The role maximizing your impact

Type d'activité : Conférences PMI - Matinées PMI
Date : 4 octobre 2017
Heure : 7:30 à 9:30
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