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PMI-Montréal is excited to share the preliminary program for REBUILD, our annual symposium, which will take place on May 12 and 13 and will be 100% online.


This event is an opportunity to share and develop our collective knowledge following the experiences of the past year. A year of turmoil and challenges, which we were able to transform into a year of learning, advancements, and success. The 2021 Symposium aims to bring together and mobilize project managers from all fields to reflect on the future together.  


This year, three main themes for discussion are proposed:


Humans of tomorrow

Authentic and unifying leadership, transformation of organizations and work, new technologies and virtual performance, impact of artificial intelligence on management, communications and human relations, management during periods of uncertainty, adaptation of processes, and change management… all these themes will allow us to reflect on the key skills we need to acquire to build the world we want for tomorrow, together. A world that needs you!


Sustainable development and social responsibility

Environmental and social challenges are now more than ever a major strategic issue for companies. As leaders, visionaries and managers, we need to reinvent our way of doing things and recognize the impacts of our decisions and activities on our collective future. This requires creativity, economic and social innovation, and the implementation of projects backed by a long-term vision, which rigorously consider the inextricable link between people, the economy and the environment.  These discussions are not to be missed!


Community development

The world doesn’t stop after us. Future-oriented societies are those in which all the stakeholders combine their efforts to create an increasingly united, strong, inclusive, and prosperous collectivity, in all respects: economic, social, environmental and cultural. A world where everyone can actively participate in social life, develop their full potential, and get their fair share of collective enrichment.  Your skills make you unique, join us!


A variety of conferences will be presented, including Implantation d’un PMO en temps de crise mondiale : une histoire à succès dans l’industrie créative by Sandrine Mitri, B.Sc. PMP, business partner in corporate strategy at Lemay; L’Agilité : exemples d’application dans le domaine de la construction by Nikolai Miljevic, PMP, senior project manager and partner, and Xavier Trudel, PMP, project manager at Decasult; and La gestion de projet à l’échelle d’un quartier by Frédéric Morin-Bordeleau, executive director, and Étienne Morin-Bordeleau, artistic director at MR-63.


View the complete program, currently in development.


Members enjoy VIP access including the 2 days of the conference as well as access to the recorded content for 30 days! An opportunity to obtain more than 20 PDUs.    


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