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1. A Career in Project Management in Quebec 2. Integration to the Work Market in Quebec 3. Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resumé 4. Presentation letters (Cover letters) 5. Job Offer 6. Business Directory



The integration of the project management professional to the work market in Quebec may represent a challenge for many. However, with some attention to some local cultural aspects, you will see that Quebec is a place that welcome skilled workers and offer a number of interesting opportunities.

Many resources are available to newcomers. A good example is Club de Recherche d'Emploi, a PMI-Montréal partner that offers a 3-week workshop focused on the job search process in Quebec.

These are some other hints from experts:



« In Quebec, the presence of immigrants is important. In a work or study environment, it is important to respect each other and highlight the qualities of each one. The professional that does not know his professional environment should express himself and seek advice in order to obtain appropriate answers for his questions. Even in a discussion among Quebequers, they seem not to speak the same language! Imagine when a group of people who don't share the same mother tongue needs to talk! It is normal that questions be asked to accurately understand the messages. Don't be shy and do it. » (Agnès Bedard).




« An activity that the students of the Project Management Masters Program at UQÀM organize is the MGP Week. Every Fall, presentations are delivered as well as networking opportunitites are presented to everyone who wants to enter in the work market in Quebec. » (Brian Hobbs).



The Quebec labor market has many skilled immigrants. It is important to know how to work in a multicultural context. Differences in a multicultural environment go beyond the linguistic aspects: they affect the core values of each person. What may seem trivial to someone can be offensive to another person. For example, French immigrants quickly realize that even though they speak the same language as Quebecers, culture and the way of thinking and working in project mode are very different.

One aspect of project management affected by cultural differences is the handling of deadlines. In Quebec, if the project is late, it is acceptable to contact the customer to explain the situation, and possibly schedule a new date for delivery of the product. While in other cultures, this action may seem unacceptable.

In some cultures, the family is more important than work, while in others, the work is still the most important aspect. In a project management setting, the difference is seen, for example, in overtime to finish a promised deliverable to a customer. Cultural differences in the workplace can leave some people uncomfortable. It is important to recognize and respect these differences to keep a productive and respectful working environment. 

Risk aversion is more customary in Quebec culture than in other North American cultures. This difference can lead to conflicts.

In Quebec, ethics and transparency are much more important values than profit. Profit is valued, but not at the expense of respect and ethics, putting the emphasis on profits can sometimes be misunderstood.

The concept of authority in Quebec is different from what we sometimes see elsewhere: for example, using “tu” to address your superior and considering them like a friend is considered acceptable here while in other cultures it's unacceptable

At least once, all immigrants will find themselves in a situation where they will say, 'We do not do it like that'. In some countries, projects are managed using a heavier approach and structure. For example, in Quebec, in the IT field, instead of writing an 80-page planning document before you start coding, it’s preferred to test out an initial solution as soon as possible (in connection with the Agile philosophy). It is important to understand this reality to integrate well in this culture.