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Symposium 2020 - Supercharge Your PMO with Innovation


90 days

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It’s crazy to think that it took a global health crisis to make us rethink how we plan and prepare for disruption. Even crazier is to think that we’re still far from being in the clear as market uncertainty persists. In any case, knowing is half the battle, and now we know without a shadow of a doubt: revolutionizing processes, embracing novel ideas and investing in adaptive approaches to project management that align with corporate strategy are a surefire way to stay ahead of the curve.

Case in point: the State of Corporate Innovation Report reveals that organizations with an enterprise-level approach to innovation are best positioned to pivot and adapt to the fluctuating demands and emerging challenges of a crisis. So join us for an interactive white boarding workshop in which you will assess your organization’s innovation capability level, and discover which core areas it needs to develop to make strategically aligned investments that deliver successful business outcomes, even in times of uncertainty.

Objectives of the conference:

  • Assess your PMO’s current innovation capability
  • Determine which core areas your PMO needs to develop to achieve an enterprise-level approach to innovation
  • Discover how your PMO can enable its stakeholder ecosystem and together tap into a world of actionable insights that add value throughout the project lifecycle and improve portfolio quality