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If you are asking yourself....

  • Is a career in project management for me?  
  • How will my non-traditional skills and experience apply in a project management context ?
  • Will a PMI certification help me on the job market ? 

Then À la carte Mentoring is for you! 


This program is for :

  • Students registered in a project management course.
  • Young professionnals in junior project management roles.
  • Young professionals looking to orient their careers in project management.


Our experts come from diverse industries related to project management. They are here to help guide your reflections. 


Cost :

  • 30$ + taxes (10$ for PMI-Montréal members) for 2 hours of mentoring on our Mentorly plateform (valide for 6 month).


Once purchased, allow for a delay of 48 hours for the creation of your account. Follow the instructions you will receive by email from Mentorly to create your profile and access the list of available mentors.  Consult the guide to understand how to use the Mentorly functions.


Questions? Contact


Are you looking to participate in one of the full programs ? Our three programs are offered in October of each year (January for academic programs) and a reserved for members. . Become a member of PMI-Montréal to apply and access one of our three full programs and be matched with a mentor.  


Notes : 

By proceeding with a purchase, you agree to the following: 

  • Any information exchanged as part of the Mentoring Program is confidential and must not be disclosed to a third party without the express permission of the participant(s) involved.
  • The role of the mentor is limited to providing opinions, advice and suggestions. Mentorees must carefully consider all information given by a mentor before making any personal, professional or career decisions.
  • Mentors are responsible for ensuring that any pointers and/or suggestions given as part of the Mentoring Program are, to the best of their knowledge, appropriate and morally and ethically acceptable.
  • Remember that mentors are volunteers and not experts or private consultants. Mentors, PMIMontréal and PMI International are not responsible for any professional, personal or other decisions resulting from the mentoring relationship. Mentors provide information and/or advice strictly based on their own experience and perspectives. Mentors make no decisions on behalf of mentorees. PMI International, PMI-Montréal and mentors are in no way liable for any decisions whatsoever made by mentorees. By joining the Mentoring Program, participants acknowledge that PMI International and PMIMontréal, as well as other participants, are in no way responsible for any suggestions or advice given as part of the Mentoring Program.
  • Respect and professional behaviour are important to the mentoring relationship. PMI-Montréal reserved the right to remove any users whose behaviour is cause for complaint by any party. No refunds will be issued.