Gérer l’innovation par le design


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Design is a rather young field that is often misunderstood by both the general public and professionals. Its approach marries aesthetics and functionality. A designer will often become involved the later stages of product and service development. Yet design is a method based on questioning what’s concrete, aiming to create and innovate within a given organisational, economic, technological and social context. 

Design is most certainly relevant when speaking of innovation. It can even be considered a problem-solving technique for organisations that hit a wall when looking to innovate.

Indeed, for about 30 years, even though discourse on innovation has become more prominent in organisations like the academic community (research and teaching), it remains more present in theory than in practice.

Our presentation touches on main blockages related to innovation, and design as an approach to skirt these obstacles as a renewed management approach.


Guillaume Blum is a professor at Université Laval’s École de design, and is a specialist in knowledge management and innovation through design. He is interested in new practices in management and their effects on product and service development, as well as on people. He explores organisational transformations stemming from economic and societal changes.

Blum has a master’s degree in engineering from France and a PhD in administration from Montreal. He is also a researcher for three research groups: UQAM’s CIRST (Centre interuniversitaire de recherché sur les sciences et les technologies), LabCMO (laboratoire de communication médiatisé par) and LARAC (laboratoire de recherche-action sur les communs).