Research project: Project management in pandemic times


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The field of project management has been hit hard by this transformation of work. In the current pandemic context, several projects have continued their activities while respecting the standards of confinement and physical distance. Others had to slow down or even temporarily stop some of their activities. However, a slowdown or halt in the project execution can have a significant economic impact on economic organizations and countries.


In order to better understand the current upheavals, and above all, their impact on practice, a team of professors in project management from ESG UQAM has set up a research project that aims to better understand the changes that are currently taking place. The objective of this project is to analyze the evolution of the practices undertaken by the organizations and project managers during the confinement and physical distancing during the COVID-19 crisis. More specifically, it aims to 1) identify the practices that emerged, those that had to be stopped and those that had to be implemented during the period of confinement and distancing, and 2) identify the long-term impacts on project management practices after returning to usual activities.


Your participation in this survey (maximum 15 minutes) is invaluable for understanding these changes and advancing project management knowledge. The results obtained will be shared with the project management community. Thanks in advance for your time!

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Research Team:

Alejandro Romero-Torres, professor ESG UQAM, Management department

Julie Delisle, professor ESG UQAM, Management department

Thibaut Coulon, professor ESG UQAM, Management department

Marie-Pierre Leroux, professor ESG UQAM, Management department

Janosch Ortmann, professor ESG UQAM, Analytics, Operations and Information Technology department

Marie-Douce Primeau, professor ESG UQAM, Management department