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Quebec Cannot Manage Its Infrastructure Projects Without a Regulated Management Framework

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Montreal, October 26, 2020 – As the government prepares to revive the economy by accelerating certain public infrastructure projects, PMI-Montréal, the largest professional association in project management in Quebec, submitted on this day a brief to the Committee on Public Finance of the National Assembly in which it asks the government to adopt a rigorous legislative framework for the management of all its projects, including infrastructure projects, thus allowing the taxpayers to get their money’s worth.


“Government contract givers and, therefore, Quebec taxpayers must have control over the way all projects are managed. Compliance with best practices in project and portfolio management can greatly contribute to sound management of public funds, to greater efficiency with respect to investments that the government is about to make and, above all, to greater agility”, stated Henri-Jean Bonnis, president of PMI-Montréal.


“Public expectations in terms of management and implementation of these projects will be amplified by the post-COVID context. Without more efficient and agile project management practices and processes, the government risks wasting huge sums of money and eroding taxpayer confidence. It is therefore important to find the right balance between the interests of the public and those of the government” [translation], continued Mr. Bonnis.



In its brief, PMI-Montréal proposes the nomination by the Government of Quebec of a central authority for the implementation of guidelines on the management of all projects, including major public infrastructure projects included in the Loi sur les infrastructures publiques, under the authority of the Treasury Board. It also recommends creating a forum between departments to share the issues and streamline the processes related to project management. Finally, PMI-Montréal proposes to offer training in project management, both formally and informally, through the government apparatus.


Read the memorandum (in French) by PMI-Montréal 


$1.7 Billion

According to a Canadian study conducted by the PMI (Project Management Institute), compliance with good project management practices makes it possible to complete 50% of projects on time, ensures no cost overruns in 56% of cases and makes it easier to achieve goals 7 times out of 10. When projects do not follow good management practices, every $1 billion invested generates $123 million in losses, or about 12%. Out of a total budget of $14 billion, losses could therefore total $1.7 billion.


While the government of Quebec shows a clear will to accelerate some 200 major infrastructure projects to stimulate economic activity, it must also seize the opportunity to review governance and administrative processes which have become rigid and complex over time. Recognized worldwide, Quebec’s expertise in project management and related best practices must become the signature of major infrastructure projects in all departments.


By standardizing project management, Quebec would thus become the first Canadian province to legislate government-wide project management practices and processes and to ensure their enforcement. In doing so, the entire population of Quebec would come out victorious and proud.


Let us remember that in 2016, the U.S. Congress passed the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act, which generated critical improvements to program and project management policy across the federal government.


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