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PROMOTE and ensure PMI-Montréal and project management stand out, across Québec, the Francophonie and PMI.

ByHenri-Jean Bonnis, President PMI-Montréal ,

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We plan to continue promoting PMI, PMI-Montréal, and best practices in project management throughout Québec and in every possible and strategically optimal way. We will continue our meetings with universities and student associations, we are involved with a few chambers of commerce and the vast majority of universities, and we are working to demonstrate the value of project management to young people, the next generation of project managers.  This requires the continued monitoring of the business landscape to understand future needs and trends.


The new PMI tools (PM Ready, PM Kickoff) are fun and useful and are an important part of this campaign. We encourage you to discover them for yourselves, perhaps even share them with your family, and finally help everyone understand what project management is!   


PMI inaugurated its first linguistic community thanks to the work of our colleagues at PMI-France, and I am proud to be your representative to this association, which brings together all the chapters of French-speaking countries. On the agenda is the sharing of knowledge and practices, and, once again, PMI-Montréal members will be able to stand out through their expertise and take their place on the international stage!


Finally, we have taken steps to propose a framework law for project management to the Government of Québec.  Based on the success of the SQI and Revenu Québec in project management, we are confident that the public authorities can and will deliver projects according to best practices.


What are your thoughts on this second objective? I will be presenting the other two objectives in the next few weeks, and I encourage you to share your comments and suggestions by contacting me directly at


Henri-Jean Bonnis

President PMI-Montréal 

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