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Preserving the world of tomorrow is a project

ByHenri-Jean Bonnis, President PMI-Montréal ,

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If you are following us on social media, you must have noticed that PMI-Montreal quickly implemented its crisis management plan and that ALL our activities are now offered remotely.

Communities of practice, conferences, certification preparation courses offered by PMI-Montreal as well as training on and those of theBrightline Initiative come together to offer a full range of learning possibilities during this time.

Our annual report for 2019 feels like it covers another century, so much has changed.

Be comforted knowing that more than ever Quebec and the world needs professional and passionate project managers: risk matrices, change management, strategic support, our members have the skills to improve our society. Preserving the world of tomorrow is a project. 

If your company wants to take advantage of this involuntary break time to perfect the knowledge of its professionals, know that the preparation courses for the certification of PMI-Montreal should be eligible for the PACME grant.Contact us for more information.


Henri-Jean Bonnis,

President, PMI-Montréal 

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