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PMP Generation - Raid Attir, B.Eng., PMP, Project Management Club President


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Raid has over 10 years of international experience in the oil and gas industry. He has served in eight different countries across four continents. He holds a B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering and is currently in his final semester of the John Molson School of Business MBA program. He has always been involved in project management, and has held various roles where he demonstrated project management and leadership skills. He believes that project management is universal and can be applied over a wide range of industries and geographical locations. He is also a certified PMP.


What changes would you like to see in the project management industry in 2017? What is your vision for project management in 2017?

I want to see more recognition and promotion of the project management discipline in Canadian universities, more precisely at graduate level.


What pushed you to start or pursue a career in project management?

It is very difficult to separate engineering and project management. During my 10-year career, I have been involved in planning and executing projects in the oil and gas industry. I felt the need to sharpen my skill in project management since the amount of responsibility and the number of people to manage has been increasing.


What is your fondest memory of PMI-Montréal?

As a student, I wanted to promote the project management discipline among my schoolmates. I couldn't think of a better way other than establishing a project management club for graduate students. During a networking event in 2016, my colleague and I pitched the idea to PMI-Montréal, and we received positive feedback. In 2017, the club was established, and PMI-Montréal has played a major role in realizing our vision.


Do you have a personal thought you would like to share with the industry (an observation, a piece of advice, an open question, a reference, etc.)?

I would like to see more job posts on the PMI-Montréal portal.