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Pablo Aceiton, PMP

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I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Management (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso-PUCV). As part of this program I was awarded a scholarship for an exchange program between my university in Chile and Lethbridge University in Canada. Through this experience, I learned about Canadian culture, its diversity and within the same context I took courses in management, international negotiation, and organizational change.


My experience in project management at Banco del Estado de Chile, a state-owned financial institution, enabled me to participate in a project to develop tools and solutions focusing on customer relationship management (CRM) for the organization. During this experience, I understood the importance and challenge of working with teams from different fields, with professionals from different companies and countries. In addition, I have seen the close relationship between business management and information technology management, because the majority of business management knowledge is available through the tools and solutions associated with information technology.


I have worked for 10 years in project management on different projects and had the opportunity to work with different levels of the organization that was involved in managing the Bank-Programme. With them, I acquired the right implementation of best project management practices and learned how to solve challenging situations.


What led you to pursue a career in project management?

I enjoyed starting my career in a large national company with the additional challenge of participating in the development of a world-class solutions project. It was a very good opportunity to learn the theory and practice of project management, making decisions and being responsible for the results.


As a project management professional, what keeps you awake at night?

I am always concerned about the proper use of the resources of the organization that makes the decision to develop a project. It is time, people’s work, investments that must be reflected in the results of the project and its quality. The reputation of the organization and the project manager are on the line and it is the decisions that are made that will reflect whether the results are as expected.


Do you have any personal remarks you’d like to share with the industry (observations, advice, an appeal, a recommendation, etc.)?

Project management is extremely interesting and one must be prepared for challenges. Learning from colleagues, their experience and advice and above all the lessons learned are key elements in making good decisions. Risk management is an everyday activity and knowing how to make decisions in this context is essential for the development of a good project manager.


What is your most memorable recollection regarding PMI-Montréal?

My favourite memory is meeting project management professionals from different fields: transport, communications, construction, engineering, etc. Talking to them and realizing that we have something in common: passion and experience in project management, no matter where we develop our professional career. All PMI-Montréal activities have this characteristic and allow you to learn through interaction with others and make new friends.


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