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Henri-Jean Bonnis, Eng., PMP, PRINCE2, Managing Director, Adsum Consulting Group

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As a project management professional, what keeps you awake at night?

The performance of my teams and the commitment of my project owners.


What would you like to see happen in the project management industry in 2019? What is your dream for project management in 2019?

For decision-makers to finally understand that project management is a strategic asset for their company!


What led you to pursue a career in project management?

It happened by chance. I quickly understood that the challenge for any company is not generating ideas, but putting them into practice. What’s more, project management makes it possible to innovate, change business models, transform organizations, engage employees and managers in common goals, get companies moving, etc. In short: you can do anything with PM!


What is your most memorable recollection regarding PMI-Montréal?

I have many of them! I would say the very lively debates I’ve had about project delivery methods with volunteers at certain cocktail parties.


What project would you like to bring to the industry's attention (a small community project, a large project that has been under the media radar, etc.)?

We are in the process of initiating the Collectif Étudiants project, which PMI-Montréal will finance and which will pave the way for many students to manage and deliver a social impact project. We believe that engaging the next generation is key.


Do you have a personal thought you would like to share with the industry (an observation, an open question, a reference, etc.)?

#lifeasaproject. We really can use all project management tools to manage all aspects of our lives.


Why did you become a member of PMI-Montréal? / Why renew your membership? / Why do you invest your time in PMI-Montréal?

I can’t imagine not being part of a professional community. As a project manager, being part of PMI-Montréal was an obvious choice. As for my personal investment, I truly believe that our community has a societal role to play in Quebec, especially given that some public projects go off-track and waste our tax dollars. I want to advance our profession.


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