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French Speaking PMI: More than 15,000 members strong

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PMI-Montréal wants to ensure that its members have a place at the table with PMI’s decisional powers. Strengthening PMI-Montréal’s position with the PMI Global Headquarters is made easier this past year with initiatives that are spurring conversations about the role of project professionals on a strategic level.


Region 3

Locally, in 2018, PMI-Montréal took over the finances for the Regional grouping of chapters in which it participates. Region 3 consists of 18 chapters from the northeastern corner of North America; Canada and the United States. This group represents nearly 30,000 members. By playing a more important role in the way they are organised and managed, the voices of our members can be better heard.


EMEA and Région Globale

The Project Management Institute has one major event annually for chapter leaders, the Leadership Institute Meeting in North America (LIM NA), and smaller meetings for chapters around the world, the EMEA, (Europe Middle East Africa), Asia Pacific, and South America Meetings. These events allow PMI leaders from all corners to come together and exchange their chapter’s best practices and discover what’s new. This is also the chance to connect with PMI staff, namely the decision makers at PMI, the people for whom this strategic axe is specifically aimed at. PMI-Montreal has been chosen to create content for the LIM NA for the last 6 years. 


In order to fulfill the goal of a creating partnerships with other French speaker chapters, PMI-Montréal must increase its participation in the EMEA to meet with these chapters face to face and forge ahead with plans to demonstrate the importance of the French community to PMI. With strong leadership in the Région Globale, which includes Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroun, Congo (DRC), Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger, Mali, Mauritanie, Ile Maurice and Lebanon, PMI-Montreal seeks to bring global attention to the more than 15 000 French speaking PMI members. A number we feel should be significant enough for PMI to ensure services provided in that language.


Brightline Initiative

The Brightline initiative was launched by PMI in 2016 to help executives bridge the gap between strategy design and delivery, improving results and avoiding waste. PMI-Montreal has worked hard to ensure a close connection to the key figures behind the Brightline Initiative.

Discover more 

PMI Global and the Brightline Initiative were partners at this year’s TED conference in Vancouver last April. PMI-Montréal was honoured to have a member invited to join the PMI Global team, providing us a sneak peak to the types of conferences we can expect in the future from PMI’s partnership with TED.


Branching out from purely project management content allows members to discover what is happening elsewhere and becomes a point of contact for the non-initiated to discover PMI. For the Brightline Initiative, this partnership allowed PMI to ask creative questions about where people get their ideas and how they handle failure.


TEDsters are optimists who get great ideas in the shower: the Brightline data experience at TED2019 

In Case You Missed It: Highlights from TED2019 


Committees and MAGS

PMI is not the authority on Project Management, its members are. PMI is an organising point of contact for the global community. It is the professionals around the world, sourcing and sharing expertise to grow the profession who are at the core of PMI.

How does PMI gather the information for updating the PMBOK and learning about new techniques for managing projects? Members have to get involved with the various committees and the Member Advisory Groups (MAGS) 

If there is a group or council you feel you can contribute to, let us know as we will be actively encouraging members in the coming months to apply.


Your voice on a global level

PMI-Montreal seeks to be the representation for the French-speaking community of project professionals. The chapter has been the leader in creating French content on since 2016 and continues to prioritize webinars with project leaders from Quebec that are accessible to the whole world.

The strength of the French language community is further highlighted by PMI-Montréal’s webinars on which attracts over 1,000 viewers from all parts of the world, including over 200 French speakers living in the US.

·         Mobilité urbaine et acceptabilité sociale: l’expérience allemande

·         Le PCO: contrôleur du temps et des priorités

·         Les bureaux de projets

·         La clé du succès - la communication par les couleurs (Comprendre et s'adapter selon les différentes personnalités DISC)


Making sure that members of PMI-Montréal are active participants in the global conversation is a priority. This does not apply only to the Board of Directors, but all chapter volunteers who offer their services internationally, whether on PMI committees, MAGS, consultation groups, as PMBOK editors, or by creating shareable content. PMI-Montreal considers all its members project ambassadors and encourages all its members to share their expertise and time with the global community. 



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