Diversity in your project teams leads to success

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To show solidarity with its members this Black History Month, PMI-Montréal has signed the Black North pledge to end systemic racism in the workplace.


As a chapter of a global organization, PMI-Montreal actively recognizes the importance of diversity in project teams to ensure project success and attain objectives for the benefit of society and its individuals.  Varied experiences and experiences are not just strengths but assets to business leaders.


Our members come from all countries and different backgrounds, and our mission to offer services and community mentorship means highlighting the importance of representation and equality for our members EVERYWHERE.



Thank you to our members and project managers who bring their diverse experiences to increase the value of the projects and who work to make the world a better place for those who follow.


We'd like to thank our volunteers Kelly-David Nzeyimana and Achille Ubalijoro for their leadership in this project.



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