2022: A year of change for PMI-Montréal

ByLouise Fournier, Executive Manager, PMI-Montréal ,

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It is with great pleasure that I wish you a very happy new year 2022 - my tenth and final year at PMI-Montreal.


I have loved working with all of you over the past few years, I have learned, been welcomed, laughed, planned, celebrated, and promoted project management and its champions by your side. It is with a heavy heart that I announced to the board of directors that 2022 would be the year in which I leave to make way for a new voice.


PMI-Montreal is therefore looking for a new Executive Manager, to take over fully by latest December 2022, and who will be supported by a strong, strategic, and representative board. Our members are always our best ambassadors and we invite you all to review your network to help us in our search for the perfect candidate. The promotion of best practices in project management, members services, inclusion and excellence are at the core of our values ​​and this is the mandate that awaits the new Executive Manager.


Share the job description with your network and talk about us: our organization is strong and more important than ever!


Thank you to all and may 2022 be bright, your projects successful and may our collaborations continue to be rewarding.


Louise Fournier

Executive Manager

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