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Every two years, the Project Management Institute highlights the current trends in the project management profession by publishing “The pulse of the profession”. The 2015 edition is available here

This analysis is based on an international survey, where the North-American organizations represent 46 % of the samples. This report identifies the key elements connected to the success of a project, elements that must be maintained or even strengthened.

These elements are:

  • A better understanding of the value brought by project management, including talent management (the right person for the right job!),
  • The presence of an active sponsor in the project process,
  • The alignment of projects, programs and project portfolios with the corporate strategy,
  • The establishment of a project office,
  • The use of standard project management practices that increase the level of the company’s project management maturity.

The identified trends are:

  • An increase in the transfer of knowledge ensuring, among others, succession (talent management) and continued improvement,
  • A decrease (of 7 % in comparison to 2013) of risk management implementation, even if statistics show a better performance of companies in companies that manage project risks,
  • An increase in the use of Agile/iterative methods of project management,
  • An increase (of 63 % in comparison with 2013) in managing project value, which means the sum of “extended" benefits expected from projects.

In Quebec, we observe:


  • An important increase in the use of Agile methodology.
« In every organization, and particularly in Quebec, the adoption of Agile practices is not seen as a technical change, but more as an organizational and cultural change. » (Marc Messier)



« For the fans of Agile practices, the community of practice ‘Agile Montreal’ ( is an excellent source of knowledge and offers great opportunities for networking. For those interested in the public sector, the community of practice GR-Quebec ( offers conferences and opportunities to interact with other professionals that practice project management in the public sector. » (Brian Hobbs)


  • Recognition of the value of project management in the event management area.
  • An increased presence of project management in the health and social services sector (“lean" management method and Six Sigma, for example):