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I’m very proud to present our new guide, specially designed with our members and new immigrants in mind who wish to practice and become project managers in Quebec.

The initiative came about in 2013, after members of PMI-Montreal and new immigrants who wished to quickly integrate into the project management workplace identified their needs.

The executive board created a committee of volunteer project managers and professionals from different fields and origins, often immigrants who were able to carve out a place for themselves in Quebec.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the incredible work they’ve done to benefit our new immigrants. Welcome, I look forward to meeting you!

Benoit Lalonde, President of PMI-Montreal






The history of Project Management in Quebec is a fascinating one. Some claim it began during EXPO 67 in 1967, and the construction of the Montreal metro, which, for the very first time, required project management methodology for a non-military project. (Grenier, Raymond, Regards sur l’Expo 67).

But project management in Quebec got its wings from its government, when many construction sites for big dams, particularly in the Bay James, made a call to Quebec universities to help its engineers adopt better practices and become more knowledgeable in project management.


The new Université du Québec, lead by Pierre Ménard, won a call for tenders to create a Project Management graduate mainly aimed at engineers in Quebec. In 1976, the university launched the first masters in Project Management (MGP) in the world at three of its constituants: UQAC, UQTR and UQAM. The program has produced more than 1600 graduates to this day.


At the same time, professionals created the PMI-Montreal chapter in 1977, which, at the time, included all activities across Quebec. Today, there are more than 4000 members and through their communications they reach more than 9000 project managers across all fields. 

In Quebec, there are 14 universities that currently teach project management and 5 research chairs, contributing in making Montreal a hub in project management.

Louise Fournier, CEO of PMI-Montréal




Quebec offers many opportunities in the field of project management, with a variety of interesting companies and a multicultural wealth unique in the world. The organising committee and volunteer team who made this guide are proud to offer this resource to project management professionals who wish to develop their career in Quebec.

We are certain that this guide will supply you with the information and references that you can't find elsewhere.

All the interviews and the content in this guide are regionally-focused, which makes it extremely useful in Quebec. This guide will help you understand certain aspects of French-Canadian society and what is required to become a key player in project management in Quebec.

Go ahead, take a look at the different sections of this incredible tool, which will allow you to prepare to launch an exciting and enriching career.

The project team wishes you a lot of success in your process!

Alcides Santopietro, Project Manager