Careers in Project Management

Anyone who wishes to begin a career in project management should keep in mind the importance of developing adequate technical skills – such as planning, task monitoring, preparation and control of budgets and schedules, risk management and communication with stakeholders – as well as leadership and strategic skills.


A project manager working in the Montreal region, in particular, will be at the heart of many innovative and creative initiatives as the city is known to be an important hub within the international community of project management, in the academic as well as practical fields.




Notably, the field of project management in Quebec follows international movements in favor of gender equality by empowering more and more women to take the lead and distinguish themselves in high level positions, across all sectors of the economy. Below is a remark from Naomi Caietti, CEO at The Glass Breakers, blogger, author, consultant, expert in personal growth and leadership, in project, program and portfolio management:


“Today, women are managing projects across the world as well-known leaders and projects promoters within their organizations, and in various fields such as IT, health, aerospace, construction (bridges, buildings and roads). Of course, there are still some industries (…) that are mainly controlled by men; women must have the necessary leadership skills to be efficient in these environments.” (Naomi Caietti)


In this chapter, we will provide you with all you need to know and do to develop a successful career in project management in Quebec.

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