PMI-Montréal and Project Management in Quebec

The history of project management in Québec is fascinating; some claim that project management methodologies were first used in a non-military project during the international EXPO 67 and the construction of Montreal’s metro (Grenier, Raymond, Regards sur l’Expo 67).

However, project management in Quebec really took hold when the provincial government, seeing the future of major dam construction projects such as James Bay, called on Quebec universities to train their engineers in project management’s methods and best practices.

Today in Quebec, there are 14 universities that teach project management and 5 research centers which contribute to making Montreal a project management hub.

It is this momentum in project management that attracts professionals from around the globe as well as Quebecers in career transition to become part of this great team of project managers at PMI-Montréal. We are proud of the services that we offer and will continue to offer to ease the integration of these newcomers into our community.

Welcome and thank you for your vote of confidence.

Louise Fournier, PMI-Montréal Executive Director

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