Discipline Agile (DA) Preparation Course
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Disciplined Agile Scrum Master - DASM French

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from 9 February 2022 to 10 February 2022

08:30 - 16:30

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FORMAT : Online only


Is your team treading water using waterfall? Do you feel trapped in an agile framework? Would you like to find solutions to the problems you’ve been wrestling with? Are you looking for ways to enhance your team’s agility?

Break free from your old ways by choosing a way of working that fits your team’s context. Find strategies to improve your processes and strengthen your team with the Disciplined Agile tool kit.

Disciplined Agile Scrum Master is a nine-lesson, instructor-led course that shows you how to use Disciplined Agile (DA) to improve your team’s way of working. In just two days, you’ll become familiar with foundational agile and lean practices that DA supports, practice using the tool kit to solve problems, and learn how to build high-performance teams.

Filled with activities, animations, supplemental reading, and more, this course will prepare you to take the Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) exam and, equally important, start using Disciplined Agile immediately.

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: February 8, 2022 at 12pm. After this date, you must reach us by phone to register.

COURSE DATES : February 9 and 10, 2022


FORMAT : Online

LOCATION : The web connection information will be provided by e-mail within 2 days before your course. The course will be broadcast with Zoom plateforme.


The course is offered as a live broadcast. The videos will be saved as the course progresses and you will have access to these recordings for up to 2 months following the last course (videos expire on April 10, 2022). 

After the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply foundational agile and lean practices in your own team setting
  • Describe what business agility is and how it is core to value proposition of Disciplined Agile
  • Describe the significance of the Disciplined Agile Mindset
  • Define the DA principles, promises, and guidelines and how they set Disciplined Agile apart from other agile frameworks
  • Explain how people are organized into DA teams
  • Define the primary DA roles and how they each are key to the success of a self-organizing agile team
  • Explain how to help your team work well together using the Lean principle of “Respect people”
  • Analyze your team’s context to make better process-related decisions
  • Select the best-fit DA life cycles for your teams
  • Apply the five DA steps of choosing your team's way of working (WoW)
  • Apply the relevant agile and lean techniques to successfully initiate your team
  • Apply the relevant agile and lean techniques to support your team producing business value
  • Apply the relevant agile and lean techniques to support your team releasing their work into production
  • Apply the relevant agile and lean techniques to support your team on an ongoing basis
  • Recognize when to be resilient
  • List and define the principles of Lean



  • Training DASM manual
    A training manual containing all the sections covered is included. Digital material available during a full year.
  • Manual language and format
    ONLY available in English and digital. No hard copy available.
  • Exam
    You will have one free trial for the exam within 30 days following your course.


  • Membership PMI & PMI-Montreal
    Membership to PMI and PMI-Montreal, $129 USD and $30 USD respectively, is not included. You must become a member of both PMI & PMI-Montreal before registering to the preparation course in order to have the rebate apply. Simply go to www.pmi.org and go under ''membership'' and then ''become a member''. Make sure you also select PMI-Montreal before finalizing your transaction.
  • Choose Your WoW!
    The Choose Your WoW! is not included in the price for the course but this document is essential for the preparation course and the exam. The downloaded version is free for the member and can be accessed on PMI.org under: https://www.pmi.org/disciplined-agile/books/dad-handbook

Refund Policy

For courses offered online to participants in Québec : No refund or cancellation 10 working days from the first course to allow for the expedition of the course material. For online cours participants outside of Quebec, no refund 15 working days from the first course to allow for the expedition of the course material. 

For general events offered by PMI-Montréal 

Refund policy :

5 working days before the event : 100% refund.  Requests must be sent to rec@pmimontreal.org 
4 working days before the event : no refund.

Substitution : There is no participant substituion allowed, except in the case of group corporate registrations. 

Cancellation : PMI-Montréal reserves the right to cancel any event that does not have sufficient participants. In this case, the full amount paid will be reimbursed.