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The INM Summer School; youth and social entrepreneurial projects

Author : Maude Brunet

From August 14th to the 18th, over a hundred youths between the ages of 15 and 35 participated in the 10th edition of l’Institut du Nouveau Monde’s (INM) summer school program under the theme « Be The Change! ». Louis-Philippe Lizotte, graduate from ESG-UQAM’s masters program in Project Management, was in charge of coordinating the event.




The goal of the summer school is to help  young people mobilize around concrete actions and become engaged citizens, using the path of project development to actualize their ideas by adopting the principles of social entrepreneurship. Mentors were provided to guide these young people and their projects, among them Maude Brunet, Director at PMI-Montreal.

PMI-Montreal is proud to support Quebec management of social entrepreneurship projects, and helps young people to pursue their ambitions to develop a supportive and engaged society.