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Author : Cyndee Miller, senior editor, PM Network

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In a world fueled by change, project practitioners — the people who truly understand it — should be revered, said author Jon Duschinsky, a keynote speaker on the third day of PMI ® Global Congress 2014 — EMEA. "And yet you're not," he said. "A project manager isn't respected within society. But it's time to change the conversation around what you do by changing our words and our thinking." 
To change perceptions of the profession, project managers should:
  1. Ask executives or project sponsors to define a project's values and mission. "This gives you guiding criteria to carry you through the journey," he said.
  2. Focus on aligning the project with company values so people stay connected to it. 
  3. Determine what you want people to think. "That's how you avoid a project gathering dust in the corner.

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