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Letter from the President - Prevention of workplace bullying

Author : Benoît Lalonde

February is Intimidation and Bullying Prevention Month. As a conscientious organization, PMI-Montreal dedicated a Theme Day to tackling the issue, hosted by lawyer and PMP Paul Pelletier

M. Pelletier led an extraordinary workshop: members and participants have informed us that out of all the workshops they were able to attend, the workshop focusing on intimidation in the workplace was the most engaging for participants.

The PMI-Montreal Board of Directors has committed to an ambitious program aiming to fight bullying and intimidation in the workplace and in project teams, and we’re equally committed to keeping our members abreast of the issues and its costs.

Articles, blogs and relevant links will be made accessible on our website and we hope to make PMI-Montreal a place of honesty where volunteers, administrator and employees alike can work together in a respectful manner.

Your Board of Directors will soon revise its own charter in order to include Rules of Conduct based on the PMI Code of Ethics. We of course encourage you to do the same in your workplace.

Links to webinars, legal information, blogs and other resources will be accessible online and we encourage you to view the available links and take action in your own workplace.

Quebec is a leader in legislating psychological bullying in Canada. Let’s make PMI-Montreal a leader in preventing this problem from spreading in the workplace.

 Benoit Lalonde, President


What is workplace intimidation?

  1. Repeated abusive words or actions that affect health
  2. Threatening, humiliating, intimidating behaviour
  3. Sabotage that interferes with work
  4. With the goal of empowering the bully

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