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Conference on the job search and the curriculum vitae

Author : Laurence Rosset

Last Tuesday, February 16th, PMI was pleased to receive a visit from Christine Lévesque, member of the Club de recherche d’emploi de Montréal Centre-Ville, during a conference pertaining to the curriculum vitae and the search for employment.

This rewarding day brought together divers profiles, including students and professionals, either currently employed or searching for employment. This training was a golden opportunity to learn how to present and structure a CV in order to attract the attention of potential employers.


The conference was a resounding success with the participants, who gained an increased level of necessary tools to optimize their likelihood of being hired. Mme Lévesque touched upon several subjects, such as things to avoid or privilege when formulating a CV, as well as tips that make a difference.  


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Our thanks to CREMCV for the captivating and instructive presentation, which delighted its audience with the sharing of their expertise.  

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