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Dark Rhino Security - Connecting the dots in cyber security


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The world of cybersecurity is plagued with jargon and acronyms like IAM, PAM, PDR, MDR, MSSP, SIEM, etc…… The essential element missing is how is an organization suppose to optimally defend itself from cyber threats. When this how question is asked, it often turns into a discussion about tools and technology. The discussion misses what the output of a point solution based technology or a symptomatic addressing of perceived threats is really doing to affect the overall reduction in risk to legal, financial, and reputational losses incurred from a cyber event.

This webinar connects the dots and will provide the attendee with a broad understanding of how, what, and why of the cybersecurity landscape. How the three elements of Prevention, Detection, and Response should be interplayed and arranged to craft a strong defense against current and future threat vectors. How an organization should consider making investments in parallel rather than in a linear fashion ,as described by the SANS Sliding Scale of Cybersecurity, and build a cybersecurity program that is mature relative to the risks a particular business faces and avoid the prevention paradox.


Tyler Smith is the Co-Founder of Dark Rhino Security. He is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, where he served as an Infantry Rifleman and deployed to multiple countries in support of the Global War on Terror. He studied Political Science and International Studies, Security and Intelligence at The Ohio State University. He has worked in security and technology since 2011 and has worked in technical roles for Apple Inc., Ohio Health, Reid Elsevier Technology Services/Lexis Nexis, Toyota, Federated Investors, Honda of America Mfg, to name a few.

Manoj Tandon is an equity partner and Chief Sales Strategy Officer, and EVP for Dark Rhino Security, Inc. Dark Rhino Security his fifth involvement with a startup. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. He has worked and lived oversees in Asia to help many manufacturers improve their manufacturing capability with process improvement. He entered the world of startups in the late 90s to sell PLM solutions and work as a management consultant. In his very last corporate role, he was with Rolta International, a large engineering and IT services conglomerate. In 2013 he was part of the original team that founded Dark Rhino Security and is responsible for the go to market strategy and execution for security services. He has several publications in Forbes and is part of the Forbes Business Development Council. Manoj hosts the weekly cybersecurity podcast, Security Confidential. He serves on the advisory board of the Ohio IT Association (OITA) to provide the state government feedback on policy positions, relevant to the industry. He is on the advisory board for Slippery Rock University Computer Science Department to provide guidance on the University’s cybersecurity program.