Roger will explain how Desjardins Group laid the foundation for a high-performance project management model, focused on making things simple and efficient.

The model takes an initiative-driven approach. Project managers are expected to establish winning conditions from the very start of each project, and to foster performance dialogue. First, baseline initiatives centre on governance and project structure. Next are performance initiatives, which deal with delivery method, project planning and reporting. The final step is to monitor projects that have these initiatives in place and strive for continuous improvement—an essential step to ensure the changes have effectively taken root.

A particular challenge of large organizations is people management. Providing the right support is essential to making sure change is effectively and successfully implemented. Roger will explain how Desjardins uses a team of navigators that support and guide key project teams and encourage them to adopt new ways of working. He will also explain how skills development initiatives tailored to specific project management roles have been built into the Project Evolution Program.


Roger joined Desjardins over three decades ago. He began his career as a telecommunications analyst in charge of Desjardins’s various private networks. He later moved into management, overseeing Desjardins’s telephone systems, which were essential to the transformation of Desjardins’s first customer contact centres. In 1998, he joined the team responsible for Desjardins’s online banking platform, AccèsD, first as director and eventually vice-president. He oversaw the management of Desjardins’s client websites, electronic transfer systems, customer contact centre (1-800- CAISSES) and student loan centre.

Roger is an excellent communicator. As a manager, he is both action-oriented and results-oriented. He is known for being a perceptive listener, able to synthesize the feedback he gets from others and put it to effective use. When it comes to work methods, he is a strong promoter of teamwork and innovation as a means to reach Desjardins’s business objectives. He is also known for his strategic vision and leadership abilities, both within his own team and among his peers.

Roger holds a bachelor’s degree and a management MBA from the Université de Sherbrooke.

Roger Tessier has been Vice-President and Program Director of the Project Evolution Program since 2014. He is responsible for putting disciplined and harmonized project management practices in place at Desjardins. He is also currently the interim Vice-President and COO of the Caisse Network Shared Services Centre.