Today, the company’s survival depends largely on their ability to innovate, manage change and stand out. This reality is often addressed by launching of a large quantity of project. The conference therefore focuses on the rationale for projects in the company and the way that they are identified, validated and communicated to project managers. This is somehow the entry door to the model proposed by the PMBOK. A portion of the conference will address the concept of quality of information required to enable a successful initiation phase for the project.


Pierre Ethier, MBA, PMP : Experienced bilingual professional with more than 35 years of experience. Passionate by HR development and continuous improvement. Recognized as a great leader mastering continuous improvement techniques, project management, quality control and organizational development. Visionary and methodical, advocating an approach based on relationship and coaching using people’s skills to achieve corporate objectives. Very clever to rally stakeholders / participants and create a stimulating learning atmosphere in a framework based on mutual assistance, and synergy. Effective and direct communicator showing a high level of respect, integrity and loyalty.

Global experience

• Training, consultation and project management. (10 yrs. +)

• Direction of training organisations and operational support. (3 yrs.)

• Management and direction in the telecommunication and IT fields. (22 yrs.)


Fields of expertise

• Leadership, development of human capital

• Training and consulting (Public and Para public)

• Project management

• Coaching

• Change control

• Operations and quality management

• Training Direction, operations support