Project benefits management is a growing concern among organizations, and above all a challenge for project managers. But what about its practice? To address the issue, PMI-Montreal in collaboration with the Chaire de gestion de projet of ESG UQAM presents the 1st PMI-Montreal Research Day as part of the pre-symposium activities that take place on 12 September 2016. The theme for this first edition is project benefits management, a subject highly relevant for project management practitioners and researchers. This conference will be presented by the hosts of the research day, Julie Delisle and Patrick Perras. It will be the opportunity to appreciate a summary of the results and exchange between researchers and practitioners. What people do in practice? How to operationalize the management of project benefits? What are the future directions? These are the kind of questions that will be addressed.


PhD candidate in administration, project management profile, Julie Delisle graduated with a Masters in project management and a BA in communication. She holds a variety of experiences both in small than big business, and a passion for coaching and training. Her research interests are varied and include project management, time and entrepreneurship.

Julie is also co-founder of Beeye, which offers a software solution for project and team management. With clients coming from varied sectors (enterprise, SMB, government), Beeye stands out thanks to an innovative solution that addresses the complex challenges faced by organisations in managing and optimizing planning, capacity, accountability and performance. Beeye helps managers coordinate projects at a high level, manage employee allocation, optimize project execution based on available ressources, and get more visibility on efforts and performance. Beeye targets large service companies and outcompetes incumbents with a solution that is simpler, more flexible and collaborative to better suit the needs of all managers.

Ph.D. candidate in administration, project management profile, Patrick Perras has completed the academic stage of a Ph.D. in Business Administration, specializing in project management, and began its research project on the relation between corporate governance and project governance. He is an expert in project management, project governance and outsourcing services. He holds an MBA, specialized in technology management from ESG UQAM and he is certified PMP.

Patrick has twenty years of professional management experience in the field of information technology, he is recognized for his exemplary leadership and human relations skills that have allowed him to develop an effective approach to management in complex environments, such as outsourcing, multiple partner projects, and matrix programs.