Where will we be in 5, or even 10 years? What new role must project managers take on? Change management, reengineering of processes, mobilizing teams that are far  more multidisciplinary, multifunctional and multicultural than they are today? How does one become a “next generation” project manager?


Lawyer, PMP, PCC, MBA, ADM.A, PCSO, and P2T, Nathalie Aubin is cumulating knowledge and experience.

Aubin has 20 years of professional experience in management, more specifically in project management, change management, team mobilisation, process innovation, communications, professional coaching and training.

During her 26 years as a businesswoman, she has managed a variety of situations, including hiring staff, developing skills and managing human resonaurces, making her an expert in managing extraordinary skills in both public and private organisations.

To boot, Nathalie is a lawyer, M.B.A., coach and renown lecturer. She is well known in the field as having an impressive capacity at simplifying content during conferences, helping the audience to better understand and implement what they’ve learned. She teaches students from all walks of life and across a variety of fields, teaching them how to implement their knowledge within their respective organisations thanks to user-friendly tools. However, she stands out thanks to her energy and philosophy and philosophy of personal fulfillment.