At the heart of the Jewish General Hospital, the intensive care Pavilion (Pavilion K) constitutes a major project of approximately 425M$, for a total area of more than 80,000 m2. Amongst other elements the project is composed of underground parking, new emergency, technical platforms, intensive care units, state of the art operating rooms and a new patient care tower unit. This immense endeavour required the intervention and work of hundreds of people over a time span of 8 years.

 It is specifically for this type of multi-client project, realized over several generations of work groups where a multitude of specialties needed to interact, that risk analysis, both on a quantification and follow up level, revealed all of its importance. Indeed, on all levels, particularly from the standpoint of the initial development of plans and specifications to the actual construction, through to the ordering of biomedical equipment and their integration within the building, each phase of the project brought to light a series of "alarm bells" for which the follow up and management proved to be crucial to the success of the project. Other less obvious dimensions of the project like change management and operational transitions, were not to be underestimated and showed a much more human aspect of the impact of risk management.

More specifically, how did the risk materialize itself, how was it taken into consideration, how was it managed, and how should it of been perceived in the future; are all points that this conference will be examining and illustrating.



He is responsible for prioritizing and implementing projects that support the provision of care and hospital services, as well as provide safe and comfortable environments for patients, visitors and staff .

He worked in the aeronautical industry in France, followed by over two years in Port au Prince, Haiti, in a plastics factory where he was in charge of overall production and maintenance. Mr. Bendavid started at the Jewish General Hospital in 2000 as a project manager, and was then promoted to Director of the project group. In this role, he also oversaw and coordinated activities connected with the operation of physical facilities in the hospital.

In 2007, Mr. Bendavid reorganized his team so he could take on the major expansion of the Radiation Oncology department. This project earned Mr. Bendavid and his team the Quebec Project Management Institute’s first place prize in 2011. Two years later, he assumed the position of the Jewish General Hospital’s Director of Technical Services and, in 2015 of the CIUSSS. In parallel he also was in charge of the construction of the 425M$ critical care pavilion, pavilion K, which opened on January 24 th , 2016.