CONFERENCE 101 - UX, Agile, collaboration : une formule gagnante en développement de projet complexe

User Experience (UX) has become an essential factor in the success of products and services. Today, it is no longer possible to ignore the importance of integrating users early in the development cycle to validate the relevance and the quality of the conceived solutions. Can UX be integrated into an agile project? Yes, absolutely! Annemarie Lesage of Yu Centrik and Gaétan Racine of Stelvio will share with you the story of their successful collaboration: integrating UX methodology and tools in an agile development cycle to optimise processes, shorten programming time, and reducing the costs developing this project of great complexity.

Annemarie Lesage, Ph.D.

UX Director, Research and Design at Yu Centrik

Annemarie Lesage is the UX Director at the UX Agency Yu Centrik,  she leads Yu Centrik‘s team of analysts, UX strategists and UX designers, while integrating collaborative design, co-creation to our ideation and innovation process.

She holds a PhD from the Design School of University of Montreal and has focused her research on the emotional dimensions of user experiences. Her research on the emotional Peak, a dimension of the user experience, is integrated into the design thinking process.

Annemarie joined Sapient’s user experience modelling group (XMod) in 2000, in New York.

Since 2003, she has taught various courses at Université Laval (co-teaching design research in 2005), Concordia, UQAM and Université de Montréal (experience design, since 2010).

Annemarie is very involved in teaching the UX-PM Certification program developed in collaboration with UXalliance, a global network of User Experience Experts. 


Gaétan Racine, Ing.

Gaétan Racine is Director of Special Projects at Stelvio, leading projects related to the company's various products. He holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Information Technology.

Gaétan began his career in 1985 at a company developing image processing solutions, using hardware to enable the capture and processing of digital images.

In 1991, Gaétan participated in the creation of Stelvio, specialising in the field of Digital business solutions. Over the years, he has participated in the development of complex IT solutions, becoming Project Manager, and eventually Director.

He has managed several major projects with finance companies in North America and Australia. He introduced Agile methodology to the teams at Stelvio in 2010 and has had an interest for the UX approach since 2012.