CAE has been developing full flight simulators since 1947. In the past 5 years, a new need has emerged in the market. Aircraft manufacturers have been requesting engineering simulators which will evolve in line with the aircraft itself. Via two concrete examples, our presenters will broach management of these very complex projects via requirements management, change management, timelines, business processes established, the testing philosophy, documentation requirements, the user base, risk management as well as the lessons learned which provide a solid foundation for the next simulators for training or engineering.


Charles Bourgault is Director of civil program management at CAE. He’s been at CAE for the past 30 years. Throughout his illustrious career, Charles has touched on all aspects of the flight simulation industry being development, production, sales and customer services. He is involved in project management for the last 20 years including Civil and Defense and Security. Charles has this keen eye which can clearly identify the root cause of an issue. Charles developed the groups of project management at CAE and allowed to promote the profession of project manager. Charles has a degree in production and computer management from HEC Montreal as well as a diploma in management from McGill University. Charles has done lecture for PMP introduction courses at McGill University. Charles is involved in PMI for many years and he is currently a PMP candidate. 

Marie-Claude Perras, PMP, is a project manager within the civil simulation product business unit for CAE. She’s been at CAE for 5 years now. She’s mainly worked with Bombardier for which she’s managed the C Series Flight simulator, the engineering simulator for the C Series as well as the Challenger 350. Marie-Claude has a communications degree from Université de Montréal.

Yvan Pelchat, PMP, ENG, is a project manager within the civil simulation product business unit for CAE. He’s been at CAE for 15 years now. He’s been managing the Global 7000/8000 engineering simulator since its inception. During Yvan’s time at CAE, he’s been a chief integrator, a product manager as well as a team leader. Yvan has a degree in mechanical engineering from Université Laval.