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A Tour Not of This World

  Even just standing in their lobby is impressive; the rotunda with floor to ceiling windows and sunroof where the blue cloudless sky peaked through, complete with hanging replicas of the 2 RADARSAT satellites, gives the impression of being in a cosmos. We met with Isabelle Tremb[...]

40 years, celebrated from up high!

  The #MTLGO exposition, the terrace and the PVM observatory floors were filled with project managers, PMI-Montréal employees and volunteers alike, who together contribute to the ongoing success of the chapter. As Benoît Lalonde, President since 2010 noted, “it is with pride toni[...]

40th Anniversary Guided Tours: Radio Canada and the Great Change Management

  Among us, architects electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and project managers like myself, sharing an interest in understanding the complexities behind the scenes of running a multimedia giant such as Radio-Canada, which houses studios for radio, television and online c[...]

Agnes Bédard, IT Innovation Project Manager, Hydro-Québec

Her background as a project manager, teacher and mentor in a variety of fields has allowed her to rack up a fair number of achievements that speak to her professional and personal skills. She is a dynamic and positive woman, who focuses on her practice’s innovation and evolution.[...]

PMP Generation : Claude Emond, Senior Partner, Les Entreprises Quali-Scope Inc.

  As a project management professional, what keeps you up at night? The thought that some people still think that you can improve Project Management within an organisation by focusing exclusively on improving know-how (skills, methodologies, processes, techniques and tools), wit[...]