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Letter to a young project manager: fifth letter

This fifth letter, which follows the fourth, written in 2014, is the answer to a reader’s query: how does a young project manager gain his colleagues’ trust in the work environment?   The young project manager, in this current article, is referred to affectionately as “the kid”. [...]

PMI-Montréal will pay close attention to the report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Construction Industry

Note that PMI-Montréal filed a report with the Commission on June 18, 2014. Believing that its expertise could contribute to the fight against corruption and collusion, the organization produced a series of recommendations to help minimize the risk of misconduct and abuse in the [...]

Olivier Mesly Sheds Light on Project Feasibility

During the 2015 Montreal Symposium, Olivier Mesly gave a conference on Points of Vulnerability (POV) in project management. “It’s a theme that’s very dear to me, he said. Studies on feasibility seem to forget the difference between risk, an external threat, and vulnerability, an [...]

Interview with Hélène Douville - Doublez vos ventes et assumez votre succès!

Who is Hélène Douville?   When asked who she is and what she does, her answer is “I’m a success accelerator at Groupe Conseil DCA, an 18-year-old company.” She’s the chairwoman of the consulting company which offers coaching, training and conference services in three major lines[...]

The Use of Agile Methods on Large Projects in Large Organizations

Investigation of the use of agile methods on large projects in large organizations. Carried out by Yvan Petit and Brian Hobbs, professors with the University of Quebec at Montreal School of Management’s Project Management Research Chair. Supported by the PMI Sponsored Research P[...]