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Sylvie Beausoleil presents Le management d’événement, by Jacques Renaud

She was a lecturer the 2015 PMI-Montreal Symposium, during which she took a moment to speak about “Le Management d’événement” by Jacques Renaud, a book she truly appreciated. The book offers a global approach to management that is applicable to any kind of event, regardless of i[...]

Project Management: A second career for veterans and former military personnel

I quickly became fascinated with the field, and was stunned to learn that Project Management is no longer simply integrated into a business for formality’s sake, nor is it a task that just about anybody can do. Project Management today is a bustling field, with standardized trai[...]

Chantal Bernier shares a book on governance: “The Imperfect Board Member” by Jim Brown

Bernier gave us a preview of the conference she presented at the Symposium, titled “Un modèle de gestion de risque organisationnel pour la protection de la vie privée.” “Given that PMI is about project management, I’ll be sharing the best practices to integrate personal informat[...]

Always collecting best practices: PMI-Montréal’s participation in international activities – 2015 Retrospective.

These meetings are ideal occasions for our Board of Directors and leadership to: Share and discover improvement opportunities for our members; Share and learn best practices regarding various aspects of management and governance; Promote PMI-Montréal to the international commun[...]

Letter to members and allies of PMI-Montréal: PMI-Montréal’s Vision 2020

We are giving ourselves some ambitious and energizing targets, divided into 4 broad themes. Our mission continues to be to encourage the spread of project management best practices and to provide the best possible service to our members. Regarding the member services component, w[...]