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PMI-Montreal’s 2016 Projects of the Year - Revenu Québec, Hatch Ltd. and the Jewish General Hospital take home the top awards at the élixir Gala

  “We’re delighted to celebrate both the dynamism and know-how of project management in Quebec at our annual gala. We would like to congratulate all finalists, and especially Revenu Québec, Hatch Ltd. and the Jewish General Hospital for their outstanding performance and exemplar[...]

The implementation of agile management in a traditional project management context.

  No matter how well you know this subject, I need your collaboration to gather data to pursue my research. The collected data will allow me to confirm facts stated in the literature and make a comparison of the results  within the industry.   The following survey takes a maximum[...]

How is Positive Psychology a new game changer for PMs?

  Project Managers, who are often known to be the leaders and coaches of delivery teams, catch the worst of these challenges. PMs continue to absorb the ever-growing scope of responsibilities with less and less time and resources. What was once our triple constraint is now our c[...]

PMP Generation : Miguel Hernandez, Senior Project Management Consultant

  As a Project Management professional, what keeps you up at night? In my opinion, a crucial element to properly manage projects is to manage stakeholders within a project. Stakeholders play a pivotal role in a project’s success, but they can also contribute to its failure. What[...]

How many burnt out PMs does it take to change organisational development strategies?

  For me, it was one. One was enough over a decade ago. Once I picked up the pieces I took a big step forward on my professional development journey and never looked back. However this journey was not about Agile or Six sigma or Lean certifications. It wasn’t even about project [...]