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PMI-Montreal 2018 Career Day : resounding success !

PMI-Montreal held its 4th annual Career Day, January 31st 2018, employers looking for Project Managers sponsoring the event. With 25 employers and 450 attendees Career Day, we broke our own records ! The event was held at Complexe Desjardins, which is in the heart of the business[...]

PMP Generation - Raid Attir, B.Eng., PMP, Project Management Club President

  Raid has over 10 years of international experience in the oil and gas industry. He has served in eight different countries across four continents. He holds a B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering and is currently in his final semester of the John Molson School of Business MBA program. H[...]

Marie Bonnardel, Project Manager, Desjardins

Marie knew that she wanted to pursue a career in project management when she started working as a developer after obtaining a diploma in IT Engineering and a Master of Computer Science. First, she needed to understand the sociological aspects of project management and gain techni[...]

Aliki on the Road : Project Management Chapters and Communities in Peru: The password is “PMI”

  PMI to the Rescue! Within seconds my Whatsapp is on fire. I have been added to the PMI Peru speakers group and they are coordinating my location. There are two speakers in the Lima airport lounge at the very same moment. Minutes later I am sitting with Valeria from PMI Asuncio[...]

Project Management, the Spearhead of Strategic Management

For Sun Tsu, Alexander the Great, Marc Aurele, Genghis Khan, Niccolo Machiavelli, Miyamoto Musashi, Carl von Clausewitz, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the General Colin Powell, the corner stone of a good strategy takes its ground in its Execution. For them, Strategy Formulation and Ex[...]