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Announcement –Stephen A. Jarislowsky 2018 doctoral scholarship

This excellence scholarship will be offered to a high calibre scholar who is engaged in the industrial engineering doctoral program at Polytechnique Montreal and who wishes to conduct research in any area related to international project management. The applicant must be supervi[...]

A business case? What for? Or the importance of a good business case

What is a business case? A business case should offer reasons to implement an idea or a project. It needs to be a point of reference before, during and after the project. It establishes a project’s tangible and intangible objectives, from what to why. It becomes a guide to refe[...]

Houda Ouraghi, PMP, Manager, Digital Channels and P&C Strategies, National Bank of Canada

  She is Senior Project Manager, Digital Channels/P&C at National Bank of Canada, where she supervises major transformational projects. Houda is driven by change; she is currently collaborating with National Bank’s transformation office on mandates concerning the cultural evolut[...]

Virginie Amyot-Ghirotto, Junior Project Manager

In the two years since she became a member, Virginie has participated in many PMI events such as the RDV Career Day, the Gala Élixir, the mentorship program, and the Symposium. As the project manager of the third edition of the RDV Career Day, she put into practice her theoretic[...]

President Blog - Innovation and Project Management

  Innovation and project management Why innovate? Why implement a new strategy or leave the status quo behind? A single answer : for performance.   Innovation is at the heart of businesses' need to grow, keep their momentum and gain market share. Businesses that can adapt, rea[...]