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Boosting Employee Engagement on Your Next Project

  This company, which added almost 800 people to its team in 2013, lists its number one priority as attracting, developing, and engaging talent, keeping staff motivated with compensation and benefit programs, leadership development, and talent management. As noted in a study by S[...]

Project audit: Why? For whom? By whom?

  A project audit aims to answer these questions to determine the project’s current performance, the company’s exposure to risk and, ultimately, if the project needs to be saved.   An audit can be seen as an additional expense, especially in a project that is not going quite ri[...]

Pablo Aceiton, PMP

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Management (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso-PUCV). As part of this program I was awarded a scholarship for an exchange program between my university in Chile and Lethbridge University in Canada. Through this experience, I lear[...]

Smoothly Managing Event Security

 Canada businesses lose $3bn yearly to cybercrime that isn't necessarily all conducted from the internet, according to the Chamber of Commerce. Whilst online-based attacks are a big source of loss, so too are physical security breaches.  An area where security can be overlooked [...]

Announcement – SNC-Lavalin 2018 Master Scholarship in Project Management

This excellence scholarship will be offered to a high calibre scholar who is engaged in the industrial engineering master program at Polytechnique Montréal and who wishes to conduct research in any area related to international project management. The applicant must be supervise[...]