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Jean-Pierre Polonovski, PMP®

As a project management professional, what keeps you up at night? Improving an organization’s efficiency is a delicate compromise between long-standing knowledge which comes with historical biases, and a fresh vision that sometimes may rub the organization and its members the wr[...]

Amirouche Sellam, IT Projects Portfolio, City of Montreal

As a project management professional, what keeps you up at night? I’m a perfectionist by nature and I’m very big on deliverables, so it’s important for me to keep my clients in the loop. I update on any changes as soon as possible so that the best decision can be made as soon a[...]

A remarkable list of recommended reading from the 2016 Symposium!

  Meet pleasant, generous people who support our business book club. Micheline Bourque, president of the Club de lecture Affaires, interviewed willing participants and speakers from the 2016 Symposium.    Literature On Leadership Is Always A Winner Leaderships is a topic which te[...]

Seeking Support to Conduct an International Survey In the contemporary global construction industry, stakeholder satisfaction is regarded by many as a “fourth criteria” in judging the success of projects asides cost, time and quality requirements. Stakeholder satisfaction is however subje[...]

Alcides Santopietro, Operations Vice-President Canada, Swissport

His professional background has brought him to many countries, where he has worked as a professor, instructor and mentor. Alcides is an active member of PMI, having participated as a volunteer on multiple fascinating projects, including developing the Guide for new members, exec[...]