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A Project With No Project Charter?

Also known as the project initiation document, the project charter is a high-level document created at the start of a project and referred to throughout the project's duration. It is the foundation of the project, a basis for how the project can evolve. The charter should state t[...]

Are Project Managers Born or Made?

Every so often, I hear theories from team members on how their project manager became effective at leading projects. Sometimes they say something like, "She was born to be a project manager."  To continue reading,  click to be redirected to the Voices on Project Management blog[...]

Beat Communications Pitfalls

When it comes to communications, organizations talk a big game -- but few get it right. And that's downright dangerous. For every US$1 billion spent on a project, 56 percent, or  US$75 million, is at risk due to ineffective communications, according to PMI's  Pulse of the Prof[...]

10 Commandments of Email Communications

To yield expected results, a distributed project team must first speak the same language when it comes to communications.    With that in mind, I developed a basic set of email communications rules called the  Project Communication Decalogue. I require everyone on my team to ad[...]