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Communauté de pratique gestion des risques

Les participants ont beaucoup apprécié le mode d’échange interactif et participatif de l`évènement.  Grâce à leur implication, ce fut un beau succès!  Dès leur arrivée, les participants devaient qualifier leur niveau de connaissance (débutant, intermédiaire, avancé) et remplir un[...]

First Steps Toward Recovery

In my previous post, I discussed points to help prevent problem projects. Here, I'll talk about what to do when you realize an existing project is headed for trouble.    To read more, click to be redirected to Voices on Project Management.

Best Practices Improve Customer Experiences

In order to survive, project-driven organizations must compete on many levels. Delivering on time, to cost and with quality is always important -- but so is the interaction and customer experience they provide during the project. To read more,  click to be redirected to Voices on[...]

The Non-Negotiables of Leadership

Project practitioners often get bogged down in the details of getting a project done at all costs. This can cause us to make decisions and take actions that we later regret, because they compromise our position as leaders within our organization. There are three leadership skil[...]

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Within these subjects, please submit an article that includes: A personal experience A theoretical discussion A presentation of a case study An editorial An interview. Please read the prerequisites for submitting an article: Have access to your own platform for sharing the art[...]